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Adoption: famous faces who found their family

BUILDING A BETTER FUTURE: Sinitta with her children

CELEBRITIES SHARED special photos of happy childhood memories with their adopted or adoptive families yesterday in a bid to encourage more people to consider adopting through Barnardo’s.

Eighties pop singer Sinitta, javelin medallist Fatima Whitbread MBE, Olympic sprinter Jamie Baulch and musician KT Tunstall are just some of the big names that have revealed personal images of their families alongside fond anecdotes for Barnardo’s Adoption Week.

The UK’s leading children’s charity is calling for more people to consider adopting a child as there are currently 1,089 children across the UK waiting to find loving, stable families.

Barnardo’s is particularly looking for adopters who can welcome older children, siblings, those from different ethnic minorities and disabled children into their lives.

Adoption provides vulnerable children with an opportunity to have a happy new life, as the stars supporting the campaign can testify.

They have either adopted children or were adopted themselves and have shared tender memories. Sinitta, who adopted her children, said: “Being a parent is the hardest job in the world but the most rewarding. My children are the greatest loves of my life. Love is thicker than blood; it’s the love that lasts eternally.”

Whitbread, who was an older teenager when she was adopted, added: “Finding the love of the Whitbread family was the best thing that happened to me. It’s been more than 40 years since I was adopted by the loving Whitbread family and I have never looked back.

“I really am one of the lucky ones, to have found such a loving and supportive home. It is so special to have memories of the happy family events we had during my childhood; we always sit in the same place round the dinner table every time we get together, which is a nice tradition! It’s always good to enjoy these family get-togethers.

LOVING HOME: Fatima Whitbread at a family gathering with her own son Ryan, her mum Margaret, brothers Gregg and Kirk, Gregg’s son Danis, her nephew and her niece

“I would urge anyone interested to find it in their hearts to give a child a family filled with love and security. You won’t regret it and you’ll give them a future they can look forward to.”

Last year, 301,100 children, young people, parents and carers were supported by Barnardo’s through more than 1,000 services across the UK, such as young carers, care leavers, foster carers and adoptive parents, training and skills or parenting classes.

Barnardo’s chief executive Javed Khan said: “It’s so important to have happy childhood memories, as they help you learn important life lessons, how to treat those around you and how you want your own children to grow up one day.

“Sadly, some children have a very difficult start in life and don’t have many positive memories, but you can change that and help build a better future.

“Whether you are a single parent, an LGBT couple, someone with grown-up children or have just always wanted to start a family, we want to hear from you. By opening your heart and your home you really could transform a vulnerable child’s life for the better.”

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