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Amazing grades: South London students’ GCSE results

AMBITION: Tioluwani Ajao, who received her GCSE results today, wants to be a dietician

SOUTH LONDON’S Ark Schools are rejoicing at the accomplishments of their students who have found out their GCSE results today.

Here are some of the students – including one pair of twins – who impressed examining boards and achieved excellence.

Ark Evelyn Grace Academy

TWIN TALENT: Emmanuella and Emmanuel Sarpong

Emmanuella Sarpong got two grade 8s in chemistry and food; five grade 7s in English literature, mathematics, biology, physics and geography; and two grade 6s in English Llnguage and PE GCSE.

She said: “I was excited results day was finally here. I’m just feeling so thankful that I achieved these grades. My teachers have always been there for me and encouraged me. Support-wise, they couldn’t have done anything else. It’s great having my twin brother at school, he always keeps me going.”

Emmanuel Sarpong, Emmanuella's twin brother, got three grade 7s in maths, PE and business studies; six grade 6s in biology, chemistry, English language, English literature, geography, history and physics.

He said: “It still hasn’t sunk in yet! I was nervous this morning, the wait was the worst part. The school have definitely helped develop me as a person. My twin sister is one of my main inspirations. Having her at school with me always made life easier. I’m looking forward to the next step and studying for my A-levels.”

PICTURED: Tioluwani Ajao

Tioluwani Ajao got six grade 9s in English literature, maths, biology, chemistry, geography and history; 3 grade 8s in English language, physics and drama, an A grade in media and a grade 7 in Spanish. “I haven’t taken it all in yet! My family will be so proud. My teachers have helped me all the way. Next year, I want to study biology, chemistry and history. I want to be a dietician,” she said.

Ark Globe Academy

PICTURED: Kirsten Martey-Botchway

Kirsten, a student at Ark Globe Academy in south London, achieved six 9s, two A*s and three 8s. She’s planning to study chemistry, physics and maths at Ark Globe Sixth Form.

She said: “It feels a bit unreal at the moment. I am quite surprised. I wasn’t expecting these results. During the holiday, I was dreading it. When I got the results, I was quite pleased and happy.

“My mum is ecstatic, my dad and rest of my siblings are very happy as well.”

PICTURED: Brenda Irabor

Brenda achieved three 9s, an A, four 8s and two 7s. The Ark Globe Academy student will go on to study english literature, history and economics at Ark Globe Sixth Form, after that she wants to go to the University of Cambridge.

“I am really happy. I saw my first grade and I burst into tears. As I was reading the rest, I got happier and happier. I read the results myself, took it in. Then I called my mum, she was screaming on the phone. Then I called my cousin, who is like a sister to me; she started crying on the phone. Everyone is just really happy.”

PICTURED: Answer Ogbonnaya

Answer achieved one 9, an A*, two 8s, four 7s, a 6 and a 5. She wants to go on to study biology, chemistry and maths at Ark Globe Sixth Form and then medicine at university.

“I am happy and excited. Overall, I think that I deserve these results, because I worked hard. I feel like all of us here at Ark Globe are a big family, we all help each other in many ways. Today seeing my friends doing so well, I shed a few tears.”

Ark All Saints

PICTURED: Lorcan McAlindon

Lorcan, part of the first cohort of students to receive their GCSEs at Ark All Saints Academy in South London, achieved three 8s, one 7, five 6s and one 5.

He said: “I want to take psychology, I have a real genuine interest in that as a subject. As well as that, I want to take biology because my strong suit is science. I also want to do media studies. My Dad has a degree in media studies, but it’s not just that. I want to be able to understand what goes on in the world around me, the subliminal messages you see in advertising. It’s so interesting. media studies, psychology and biology are interlinked, it makes sense.”

Ark Walworth

Amanda, a student at Ark Walworth Academy, achieved five 8s, two 7s a 6, a distinction and a distinction* in her GCSEs. She is going on to study A-levels in maths, economics and French.

“I am very proud of myself and I want to thank my teachers at Ark Walworth for all their support,” she said.

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