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Black business of the day: Money Mob

SUPPORT: The Money Mob team

IN 2016, Paul Muhammad watched a video in which a black hair supplier was informed by a customer that neighbouring business owners (from a different ethnic group) were working to drive her out of the high street.

This angered Paul and led to him to founding Money Mob with the aim of supporting the growth of black economics.

Money Mob is a ‘buy black’ community movement that provides support, knowledge, resources and information about black-owned businesses in the UK.

It is dedicated to helping black businesses grow locally and internationally using the immense resources of our community.

The Money Mob experience involves utilising the power of crowd purchasing. Money Mob targets black businesses and after passing a set criteria, a date and time is agreed for a business to be ‘Money Mobbed’.

A social media campaign is used to galvanise the community to attend and patronise the business by spending £10.

Businesses and customers are encouraged to join and support the Money Mob Loyalty Card Scheme, a vehicle for the recirculation of the ‘black pound’.

As well as Paul, the other members of the team consist of Barbara Chandler and Glenys Russell who work alongside him.

There is also a weekly Money Mob Black Business Forum radio show on UJR radio.
The show aims to provide black businesses with a platform to publicise themselves.

Follow Money Mob on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook - MoneyMob101

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