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Book reviews: Children's special

ENJOY THIS week's selection of reads, from the desk of our Entertainment Editor Joel Campbell.

A World Full Of Animal Stories – 50 Folktales and Legends, by Angela Mcallister, illustrated by Aitch

Travel the world with 50 timeless tales featuring creatures big and small. This beautifully-illustrated collection of stories brings together favourite animal themed fables, myths and legends including The Three Billy Goats Gruff, The Ugly Duckling, The Owl Of Colwyd Coomb and Ananse and The Python.

Freddie’s Cunning Plan, by Chennai Virgin (Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing)

Freddie couldn’t do his math homework – he didn’t even want to try! Suddenly, he thought of a cunning plan – but will it be worth it? See what happens in this episode of Freddie’s Cunning Plan. To find out more about Chennai Virgin, who was seven years old when she wrote this book, go to

Tessie Tames Her Tongue, by Melissa Martin, illustrated by Charles Lehman (Free Spirit Publishing)

From school success to stronger leadership and even better manners, developing listening skills is essential to a child’s growth. Through bright and talkative Tessie, author Melissa Martin delivers practical ways for children to open their ears and wrangle their mouths in Tessie Tames Her Tongue, wonderfully illustrated by Charles Lehman.

Otis Lemon and the Spectacular Submarine, by Mark Lemon, illustrated by Maia Walczak (Lemon Drop Books)

Otis Lemon has a magical story to tell. Otis is an ordinary boy, in an ordinary world, but when he visits his amazing inventor uncle, Professor Poopy once a week at his workshop at number 10 Cherry Tree Road, wonderful things happen.

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