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Brit author launches children's book about African royalty

PROUD: These books are designed educate, empower and inspire children about black history..

THE FIRST-ever mini collection of illustrated children's books featuring black kings and queens has been announced.

Kings and Queens of Africa contains an abundance of lessons and activities, designed to give the whole family a peek into real-life royalty. It features an ABC version for pre-school learners and a A-Z one for the entire family.

The books are currently available in digital format only with a ‘read to me’ feature for the youngest of explorers and a ‘read more’ feature for experienced readers who want to know more.

In an aspirational twist, readers are encouraged to draw themselves as African royalty on the back-page and submit their art for a chance to win a beautiful signed canvas of an illustration from the book.

Trailblazing author Libby Issac said: “ I realised that most children, and adults I spoke to, couldn't tell me about more than a couple of African Kings and Queens. So I set about writing a book, packed full of fun and activities, that I wish I'd read as a child, and well, I did just that! From familiar Pharaohs to warrior Queens, to rulers who changed the world and the richest man who ever lived- you're going to read about them here!”

She also spoke of her intention to launch six other titles under a series entitled 'Kings and Queens of The World'.

Kings and Queens of Africa, A-Z! is available to purchase on iBooks now.

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