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Brixton Market and Village on sale for £30,000,000

HISTORICAL: A section of Brixton's indoor market which is now on sale for £30,000,000 along with Brixton Village

THE CREEPING gentrification of Brixton that begun to manifest over the last 10 years or so seemed to have reached its peak with the arrival of expensive boutiques, over-priced, experimental restaurant units and the visible change in atmosphere; however today the market and Brixton Village is literally for sale and carries a £30,000,000 price tag.

What was once an area bustling with a predominantly Caribbean culture and people and affordable rents, has transformed to an area where faces of colour are seldom seen enjoying a glass of wine in The Ritzy cafe, unlike the upwardly-mobile white customers and new-build residents.

Why does the ethnicity of the visitors matter? Shouldn't Brixton be happy that white people are no longer scared to visit? Many believe it matters because 'the playing field' is still not level. White Londoners still earn disproportionately more than their black counterparts and the systems and ingrained racism that governs much of them are still operating at full tilt, despite some improvements. These facts are not open for debate.


What is also not up for debate is the way that black and Asian stall holders as well as their loyal customers who have patronised them since Windrush for Caribbean and African produce, are being systematically pushed out by astronomical commercial and residential property prices. Even spending a day in Brixton is becoming a different and less accessible experience for many who helped put it on the map in terms of culture and fun. Where is Judy's (later Bickles) Caribbean restaurant on Coldharbour Lane? Is it a coincidence that iconic record shop owner and music promotor Blacker Dread had to shut-up shop forever in 2014, convicted for money laundering after all those years making Brixton sound like home?

London & Associated Properties has owned the market and Brixton Village since 2006 and had their original redevelopment plans, which included building luxury flats, blocked by locals whose campaigning resulting in the market now being a Grade II-listed site. London & Associated Properties has appointed two firms, GCW and Lewis & Partners, to handle the sale and negotiate its hefty asking price.

Brixton Hill Councillor and London Assembly Member Florence Eshalomi Tweeted about news of the sale, which broke earlier today courtesy of The Evening Standard:

"I still have fond memories of the original Granville Arcade! Not good news for #Brixton #Lambeth".

Can those who have memories of an authentic Brixton unite to stop this final cull, or is it too late? The Voice will be watching very closely.

This story is developing.

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