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The business of art: building brand awareness

AN ARTISTIC passion is not something to be denied but embraced. If you love to sing, you’ll catch yourself humming in the kitchen. If you like poetry, rhyming will come as naturally as breathing.

A pencil and a blank space will attract the sketch artist like a magnet. But is dabbling in your passion as satisfying as sharing it with the world? Our digital age offers many ways to express any and all art forms, if not turn them into careers.

The first step towards taking advantage of this welcoming attitude is to build visibility for your passion, and it is through this that every ounce of your creativity can be channelled.

Video marketing

Visual stimuli are more memorable than any other, but the same rules apply as in written adverts. People have short attention spans, so you need to hook them within the first 10 seconds of the video.

The Digital Marketing Institute suggests creating a story or tutorial around the subject being exhibited.

For example, your voice might reach an extraordinary pitch but, while a video of you simply singing may attract some viewers, it wouldn’t immediately stand out from the crowd of others doing the exact same thing.

Embed your singing into a narrative. Use humour and emotion. Think: what could make your production one of the five billion videos watched on YouTube daily? What could ensure it will remain visible?

Branded merchandise

Designing your own brand is as strategic as it is fun. From settling on a signature to constructing a logo, every such choice can generate recognition for you and your art. Browsing through HelloPrint’s list of 2019 trends in branded stationery, it’s clear how much diversity exists in the world of branding.

HelloPrint are well versed in these trends, specialising in providing fast, affordable printing services. From business cards and advertising boards to custom banners and tote bag printing, HelloPrint offer a wide range of products for those who want to showcase their artistic talents for work or fun.

According to their blog, a painter could have their own set of business stationery in the Memphis design, which prefers anything but convention, and draws inspiration from Art Deco, Pop Art and 1950’s Kitsch.

Creating a trademark doodle and attaching it to a photo canvas, custom banners or a digital advert will familiarise the public with your brand before they even set eyes on your work. Get audiences excited and watch your passion go viral.

SEO management

Optimising your brand’s visibility in search engines is vital to its marketing. Understanding how it all works can be a challenge, but once a basic foundation is established, enhancing how often people are directed to your product is fairly simple to achieve.

Cognitive SEO’s comprehensive tips serve as a good example of the help to be found online, all of which will say more or less the same things. Fill your domain with keywords.

Whether in headings, navigation toolbars, captions or texts, it’s these popularised words that determine how valuable your content is to search engines. Apart from this and many more SEO techniques, keeping track of visitors’ activity and adapting to trends will maintain your visibility.

Consider what makes your art special so that you can communicate that passion to the public. Digital tools are there to be exploited for that very purpose, to grab and hold as many people’s attention as possible. Most importantly, enjoy the thrilling, liberating process of sharing art’s life-altering beauty.

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