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Busta Rhymes escorted off flight to London

PICTURED: Busta Rhymes

US RAPPER Busta Rhymes was escorted off a plane after an argument with a fellow passenger in first class.

The Touch It star, born Trevor George Smith Jr, is said to have become confrontational after another passenger onboard a British Airways flight from New York JFK to London Heathrow allegedly placed her cabin bags in his locker.

An eye witness described the 47-year-old rapper as “agitated, aggressive and rude”. They said he hurled insults at the 20 year-old woman, who then became upset forcing her husband to intervene.

“He was ranting and raving, getting really angry and demanding to know why she had used his locker,” they said. “He told her to move her stuff immediately.”

A video has come to light showing Rhymes engaging in what looks like a heated discussion, accusing the woman of “patronising” him and “laughing in his face”.

In the footage, The emcee can be heard saying: “We’re all grown. There’s no reason for you to voluntarily include yourself in something that has nothing to do with you…we’ll handle it when we get off the plane”

A Met Police spokeswoman said: “Officers at Heathrow were requested by the airline of an inbound plane to Heathrow Airport from the US to attend following an alleged verbal altercation involving several passengers.

“They boarded the plane once it had landed at approximately 06:52hrs on Tuesday 30 July and spoke to the parties involved.

“There were no reported injuries, and no offences disclosed. The passengers concerned then proceeded with their journeys.”

Rhymes was questioned by officers once the flight had landed in the UK but has not been arrested.

A BA spokesman added: “Our cabin crew and Captain reassured all the customers involved.

“All those in the cabin were given the option of moving away, and the flight did not depart until everyone confirmed that they were happy to continue.'

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