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CalledOut Music: "I hope to see more young people rise up"

THANKS TO GOD: CalledOut Music started singing in church aged seven, and is now making waves after releasing his debut album

SAMUEL NWACHUKWU, otherwise known as CalledOut Music, is the hot new gospel act on the block.

Since reaching out in 2016 CalledOut Music has amassed over five million YouTube views for his songs, a phenomenal number for an independent UK gospel artist, and his first ever UK concert, held in London last November, sold out with 1,300 people in attendance. He also ministered at the UK’s biggest Christian event, Festival of Life, also in November.

His concert success has opened up new doors of opportunity and there’s talk of him doing concert dates in Africa, Europe as well as the UK.

2018 also saw the 23-year-old artist release his self-produced debut album, In Due Time, at the beginning of December on independent gospel label HFP Music.

Describing his music as eclectic, CalledOut Music says the songs on the album are about his life.

He told Soul Stirrings: “It’s about my waiting period. When I finished university, I went through a year where I was unemployed and was down and upset because I didn’t know what the future was going to hold.

“So, I went through a period of collating the songs I wrote in that period and wrote songs about waiting on God. It’s a themed album that’s best listened to from start to finish.”

In Due Time also features some guest artists, including up and coming soloists Rae, Last Breath, Lisa Larbie and MOBO award-winning artist Triple O.

Born in Nigeria to Christian parents, CalledOut Music has always had a gift for music and started singing in church at seven. He came to England aged 12 with his siblings and currently attends a Redeemed Christian Church of God congregation in Portsmouth where he plays keyboard.


He started releasing music in 2016. His most popular track, I Pray, has had more than two million YouTube views to date.

CalledOut Music cites Kirk Franklin who he describes as a ‘trendsetter’ and Jonathan McReynolds as music inspirations, and attributes his success on social media to word of mouth promotion, including friends telling their friends about his music along with the authenticity of his music.

He said: “We just try to make the music as authentic as possible.

“People can see through when something is ingenuine so making something as authentic as possible brings more people closer as they can relate and connect with the music. “And when people can connect with the music it’s a real winner.”

RESONATING: CalledOut Music has amassed over five million YouTube views for his songs

And what’s really great is that CalledOut Music is reaching people of all faiths and none.

He shared: “I had a song called You’re Mine, which came out 2017 and I received a lot of messages on social media from Muslims who were saying I don’t believe in what you’re saying but your music I just cannot stop playing it.

“That, for me, was absolutely massive, because when people who don’t believe or who are atheists just enjoy the music, because it has a current sound, with the (gospel) message on top of it. It’s the best thing. It’s like an open door to our faith through our music.”

One thing CalledOut Music is excited about is the UK gospel scene right now.

He said: “It’s really bubbling with a lot of different gospel artists. I hope to see many more young people rise up that are willing to be gospel artists.

“I believe there are so many talented young people. [I] would like to see a different generation of young gospel artists come to the fore.”

Aside from album promotion, and a performances in churches, CalledOut Music intends to spend the early months of 2019 planning what’s he’s going to do for the rest of the year.

And he’ll be aiming to live up to his stage name, taken from 1 Peter 2:9 which states ‘But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people: that ye should shew forth the praises of him who what called you out of darkness into his marvellous light.”

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