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Christian star Seth Pinnock due to release second album

ONE LOVE: Seth Pinnock’s second album, A New Thing Live, is one of the many projects he is proud of

SETH PINNOCK, one of the most well-known and well-connected black Christian millennials in Britain, is gearing up for the release of his second album, A New Thing Live, later this month.

Recorded live at Birmingham Christian Centre in 2017 in front of 1,000 people the album has 17 songs performed by some of the UK’s leading vocalists including UK gospel legend Nicky Brown, Israel J Allen and worship artist Lucy Grimble.

A New Thing Live is a follow up to his first album Midnight Oil: Live In Worship, which featured the popular song Already Done. Music lovers have already had a taste of what to expect from A New Thing Live following the release of three singles from the album, the latest being You’ve Been There, featuring Premier Gospel award winner Becca Folks.

BETTER TOGETHER: Seth Pinnock, bottom centre, has collaborated with a broad spectrum of artists for his latest release

Pinnock is pleased with the public responses to the singles. He said: “It’s been incredible. I’ve been taken back by the positive comments about the quality of production and song writing on A New Thing Live.”

He has also been encouraged by the positive response to the album songs when he performed live at Big Church Day Out. It’s his hope that churches will sing their songs during times of worship.

He added: “This record is more than an album to me – it’s a statement. Everything we’ve got has gone into this, the times we are living in calls for timeless music. The songs and sounds come from our story from Windrush to classical, funk, jazz, acoustic, R’n’B, rock and electric, there’s something for everybody.”

Pinnock is a millennial of note. He came to the attention of the Christian community and beyond by hosting Midnight Oil, an annual youth event that brought together some 2,000 people for teaching and worship.

In his early 20s, he was described as a Young Leader To Watch by the Tony Blair Foundation and named one of Britain’s Top 10 Black Students at the House of Commons.

ALL SMILES: Seth Pinnock with the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby

He also founded Symphony Co, a social enterprise famed that hosted Midnight Oil and other events. He is currently a senior leader at Tearfund – and in his spare time even runs a clothing line.

When asked why he’s involved in so much, Pinnock said: “It’s the pain of my past that fuels me. I had a lot of challenges when I was younger, struggled with depression, anxiety and rejection mainly because of the trauma I experienced in my teens which was so dark and so difficult.

“I felt my life had no purpose, but faith pulled me through. I feel my mantra now is to build platforms and create spaces for people to become all that God has called them to be.

“It’s a big blessing that I get to do this through what I love –music, ministry and mission.” Pinnock is keen to for the church to embrace youth and has this advice for churches keen to reach young people.

He said: “Make room for innovation, adventure or risk and do what the Windrush Generation did.

“All the things they made room for when they came to the UK, we need to do the same for millennials.”

Pinnock aims to start an after school club for black boys in Birmingham later this year, and he is planning to turn Midnight Oil into a festival celebrating church culture, music, fashion, art and much more.

And when it comes to his music, he aims to go on a church tour so they everyone, can have their own unique experience of A New Thing Live.

A New Thing Live is released on June 21

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