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Damian Marley joins protest & sings father's songs

SUPPORT: Damian Marley

DAMAIN MARLEY appeared at a protest in Hawaii where activists were protesting the construction of a huge telescope on a sacred volcano on Monday (Jul 29).

The star connected with hundreds of locals trying to stop work on Mauna Kea mountain, the tallest peak in Hawaii, and performed Bob Marley's most famous protest songs Get Up, Stand Up and Positive Vibration to express his support.

Speaking to reports, Marley said: "The protesters are so peaceful but they're so powerful. No one's going anywhere, so I'm optimistic that something positive is going to come out of this.

"It's not about stopping science, it's about respecting culture and respecting the people... The world is watching and the world is saying we should take a pause."

The location for the telescope was chosen in 2009 following a global search for the perfect place.

Activists disrupted a groundbreaking ceremony in 2014 but the protest peaked recently when officials announced they were closing a road leading to the dormant volcano to allow pre-construction work to begin.

Other celebrities who’ve also shared their support for the activists at Mauna Kea mountain top include Dwayne Johnson who made an appearance last week.

He urged politicians to take note of the protest and halt a top scientist's plans to turn the sacred site into an outer space look-out.

Check out the video of Marley’s performance below:

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