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Drill rappers collaborate with Russian artist for exhibition

EXHIBIT: Skengdo, AM and Drillminister (Photo credit: Andrei Molodkin

UK RAPPERS Skengdo, AM and Drillminister have teamed up with Russian artist Andrei Molodkin for her a new exhibition.

The exhibit will feature three new installations made with the blood of gallery-goers.

The works, which will be displayed at the Saatchi Gallery in London, will be formed of empty vessels in the shape of the musician's lyrics.

It will serve as the most recent addition to Molodkin Young Blood series which is based on censorship of protest music. The artist has continuously received ongoing censorship in the art world for his exhibitions, where he uses material like blood and oil.

In 2018, Skengdo and AM became the first UK musicians to receive prison sentences for a musical performance whilst performing their song Attempted 1.0 at London venue Koko.

They violated a gang injunction from the Met Police whilst performing the track which mentions rival London gangs in their lyrics. This resulted in a suspended nine-month sentence from performing the song.

Speaking to The Art Newspaper about the government’s desire to suppress drill music, AM said: “They don't want us to realise that we can use our influence to help a certain type of people coming from a certain area. The system wants to keep us down.”

The collaboration between the rappers and Molodkin will also be accompanied by a track entitled The Media, which will also include a music video directed by the artist.

The video will debut at a charity event at the Saatchi Gallery on Friday (Jun 7). The funds will go towards a south-London based charity Brixton Wings, which provides educational, music and sports programmes to children and young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The Blood Installations will be on display from June 5-10.

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