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Finding the perfect nude shade

TRUE COLOURS: We highlight some of the best providers of 'nude' shade products for black women (photo credit: Nubian Skin)

THERE’S nude – and then there’s nude! Recent times have seen different shades of nude evolve, from lipsticks to tights that cater for the black consumer.

What you have to remember however, is that it’s not a case of one shade fits all. Finding the perfect nude can sometimes be tricky and is usually a case of trial and error.

The Voice has taken the stress away to bring you our top nude finds...


There are thousands of shades to choose from when it comes to lipsticks, making it almost impossible to decide on which to go for. In most cases, lipsticks look completely different in pictures compared to how they look once applied on the lips. This is why it is important to swatch, or to try before you buy. However, to point you in the right direction, these are some of our favourites...

MAC's Persistence, RRP £16.50

Bobbi Brown's Hot Cocoa, RRP £23.50

Gerard Cosmetic's 1995, RRP £11


To create more of an understated, natural look, go for a selection of browns, golds and bronzes. With these colours you can create a warm, smokey ombré, working it with your brushes to be as subtle or defined as you like, depending on the occasion. Here are a few palettes to achieve that glowing look:

Morphe's 35O palette, around £30

Nars' God Created The Woman, RRP £35

Sleek's i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette (A New Day), RRP £8.99


The nightmares we’ve had trying to conceal our underwear beneath that slightly opaque white blouse! I know I’m not alone on that one. For years, a black bra or knickers were our best option. Thanks to Nubian Skin, we now have underwear in a variety of different shades for women of colour. Instead of that unsightly black strap ruining a pretty vest top in the summer, we now have underwear that blends into our skin tone. Not only does Nubian Skin do underwear, but they have also branched out into shoes and hosiery. The so-called nude shoe had only previously catered for lighter skin tones but now come in a variety of delightful shades. The hosiery is pretty amazing too! If you want that extra bit of confidence, try their hold-ups in either a matte or glossy finish.

To browse the Nubian Skin range, click here.


There are so many different nail polishes to choose from, and a vast array of nudes at that. When it comes to polish, it’s far easier to get away with the nude look, as there are so many similar shades available from many different brands. You can either go for a more clear polish to match your nail bed and enhance your natural look, or something a little darker to enhance your skin tone. Take a look at our favourite picks.

Essie's Sand Tropez, RRP £7.99

OPI's Over The Taupe, RRP £12.50

Barry M's Gelly High Shine in Almond, RRP £3.99

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