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The first black British cigar line launches

SUAVE: Mike Edwards CREDIT:

Q: TELL ME a bit more about your upbringing and how you founded Aireyys?

A: My upbringing was very unique. I was born in Moss Side, Manchester and raised in Florida USA. My experiences from traveling at an early age and athletics helped develop communication skills and confidence. When I was 19, I represented Great Britain in the High Jump at the European Junior Championships back in 2009. I'm currently ranked No. 6 in Europe, and aim to compete at the World Championships in London this August.

I founded AIREYYS as I noticed there were a lot of misconceptions of men with beards. I wanted to bridge the gap and promote the well groomed bearded gentlemen, instead of the old taboo of beards being scruffy. I took this focus into my design concept "The Dark Horse" – our top selling range of beard oils – which became my approach and slogan for AIREYYS limited branding.

Q: As Aireyys sells plenty of mail grooming products, are there any particular men in your life who inspired you growing up?

A: My step father is a very suave gentleman, and occasionally sports a Goatee Beard. My main inspiration came about naturally, I just felt like beards make you look more distinguished.


Q: Tell me more about the launch of the Premium Organic Cigars and how that came to fruition

A: I've always enjoyed the pleasure of a fine cigar. I knew during the early stages of the company I would eventually create my own line, but like anything, great it takes time. I manufacture all our cigars by hand, using techniques I've studied of world renowned master rollers in New York City.

Q: What was your first memory of smoking a cigar?

A: My first memory of smoking a cigar was at my university graduation. I wanted to start a family tradition by smoking a cigar after the ceremony!

Q: What is your no.1 grooming tip?

A: Grooming is a very powerful tool and if treated correctly, it could be the difference on first impression.

Q: How would you describe the AIREYYS customer?

A: AIREYYS customers are usually males aged 21-45+ from all over the world. Using our online presence, we're able to connect with buyers in many different countries.


Q: You're also an athlete and CEO for this company. How do you manage your time between the two?

A: I've always been heavily motivated once I set my mind to something – I'm too stubborn to quit and it works great for athletics and business. I find that managing responsibilities is a healthy distraction for me. It's important to switch off outside of athletics and still find enjoyment and passion in other things.

Q: Why should people buy into the AIREYYS brand?

A: I guess I'm old school but there's something about craftsmanship and with AIREYYS you know you're getting a genuine product, no gimmicks! if I was a gambling man.... I would bet on The Dark Horse.

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