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Fitness Reborn UK launches Mental Health Awareness programme

FIGHTING FIT: Nazia Khatun

AMID MENTAL Health Awareness (MHA) week, Fitness Reborn UK has launched a programme that uses exercise to rewire your brain.

East London-based Nazia Khatun, Body Transformation Coach for Fitness Reborn UK and former boxer has launched the ‘I AM ENOUGH’ fitness programme for females aged 19-50 years of age.

“Stress” is the focus of MHA week and it is also one of the major causes of binge eating, weight gain and surprisingly weight loss. The stress hormone, cortisol, rise during tension-filled times. This can turn your overeating into a habit. Increased levels of the hormone also help cause higher insulin levels, your blood sugar drops and you crave sugary, fatty foods.

This programme consists of a unique six-week transformation process, which uses cutting edge neuroscience combined with fitness to create new patterns by replacing bad habits with good ones.

Taking clients on the the road to self-discovery, 'I AM ENOUGH' programme aims to get people to understand how to make good food choices and what to eat for their body type.

It uses mindfulness to educate people on the link between emotional well-being and physical bodies and it's for anyone who struggles with their self-image or frustrated with their current lack of results from dieting and exercising.

Clients  will embark ing on a  journey  between  six  to twelve weeks, working on  healing, forgiveness, and  self- love, which is what makes this  fitness  programme unique from others.  

No diet plans are given, instead people are guided through how the brain chooses food and the reasons for it therefore in this way, it allows each person the freedom to make their own consumption choices.

"Nobody taught me that it was my  thoughts  that I needed to condition for me to love the body I was living in,” says Khatun.   

"No matter how good my physique was,  I always found something to be critical or loathe about myself. Once my own self-talk and dialogue changed and I slowly found myself not comparing myself to others, in time I was able to enjoy the body I was living in.” 

“From the depths of depression the road to recovery was one of the hardest things I had to face in my life," she adds. "There is so much emphasis on creating a beautiful sculpted body yet no one ever talks about the real things that matter, our emotions and mental well-being.

"We have to re-educate the nation that conditioning our mind set is necessary for a healthy working body. A lot of people underestimate their own capabilities, but our mind and bodies are all connected and we all have the power to create the changes we have dreamed of.”

Find out more on Nazia Khatun via email: and Instagram: @Fitnessrebornuk1

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