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Gospel singers chance to sing in the West End

GOSPEL SINGERS are being invited to auditions to gain a place on Gospel Does Theatre Classics, an innovative course, funded by Arts Council England, which will train them to perform in stage musical and mainstream production, and also aim to create a new gospel in uenced sound for the theatre.

The course is the brainchild of gospel music experts Lawrence Johnson, Dr Pearl Jarrett and Dr Errord Jarrett who have formed Black and White Stripes (BWS), the first UK company where one of its aims is to provide professional theatre training for gospel singers. The course is being run by BWS in association with JF Arts, the arts division of The Jarrett Foundation.

Singers will be taught by industry professionals, and, upon completion of the course, they will perform in a special musical production, at a West End Theatre on August 30- 31. Dr Pearl Jarrett is an actress and founder of The Jarrett Foundation.


She said: “I’m excited that a 13-year dream is coming to pass. When I sat in the production of the Lion King in Disneyland Los Angeles in 2006 I said, we could do this. We have incredible singers and with some profes- sional acting training, we could produce our own amazing West End musicals.”

Auditions will take place on Saturday, July 13.

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