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History of African people in film explored in documentary

WORKING TOGETHER: Tariq Nasheed, right, with Sankore Education’s Eric Mitchell

NEXT MONTH, a sought-after US commentator, writer and best-selling author will present the fifth and final instalment of a documentary series on the history of African and aboriginal people at a black empowerment-themed event in Birmingham’s Millennium Point.

Tariq Nasheed’s Hidden Colors 5 will be the feature attraction at the August 4 event, which has been co-organised by the locally based tutoring service Sankore Education.

Nasheed created and directed the feature to counter “the mainstream media going out of their way to hide African accomplishments”. He will also deliver a lecture on empowerment at the packed event.


The event will also include the launch of a new book by Professor Kaba Hiawatha Kamene, Spirituality Before Religions, and a supporting lecture on the subject.

Eric Mitchell of Sankore Education said of the professor: “His greatest experiences have been his many classroom visitations around the world and implementing successful strategies in the teaching/learning process.

“He is firmly dedicated to the belief that culture plays a vitally important role in education.” The event is dedicated to the memory of Cornelius Wynter, a member of Sankore Education who died suddenly last year.

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