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This inclusive beauty brand has gone viral

DIVERSE: Beauty Bakerie Cake Mix Foundation (Photo credit: Beauty Bakerie Twitter)

A BLACK-owned beauty brand is being praised for its inclusive products after a clip went viral showcasing their foundation range.

Beauty Bakerie was founded by former nurse Cashmere Nicole, who was inspired to start the cruelty-free line after a battle with breast cancer. The brand's products have become a hit with fans and one of their most celebrated is the Cake Mix foundation, which has caught the eye of many on social media after cosmetics company posted a short clip swatching the foundation.

“Mmmmm sooo creamy! Cake Mix Foundation in shade 3 we SERVE 30 shades numbered 1-59 with 1 being the darkest shade,” the brand tweeted on Saturday (Aug 11).

The tweet received over 21,000 retweets and 113,000 likes, with many commenting on the brands variety of shades specifically catering to darker skin tones, alongside the darker shades being numbered first opposed to last.

One user wrote: “@beautybakerie are absolutely changing the makeup game. reading other people’s tweets made me realise my own ignorance when it comes to the numbering of shade ranges. Absolutely incredible brand.”

Another said: “Just went on @beautybakerie website for the first time (how have I not heard of them before?!) honestly, I love that their shade range goes from dark to light... I also love that they have yellow undertone pale shades WHICH NO ONE REALLY EVER MAKES! #getinmycart”

While many praised the brand, some social media users called out other cosmetic companies for their lack of shade ranges in the light of inclusive companies like Beauty Bakerie and Fenty Beauty.

“Don’t understand how certain brands can make 20 shades of foundation that still doesn’t include every skin tone. Yet @beautybakerie make 30 shades, inclusive for every skin tone.”

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