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Inclusivity is more than a buzzword for this beauty brand

THE BUSINESS OF BEAUTY: A selection of products from the Brysocréma B:Undeniable range

NADINE BRYAN'S beauty business journey has seen her go from creating products for herself at home using a coffee grinder to securing contracts with manufacturers and retailers. A year on from the launch of her makeup brand Brysocréma, Bryan talks to The Voice about inclusive beauty, pursuing her passion and what she's learned about being an entrepreneur.

You graduated law school. What inspired you to make the leap into the beauty industry?

I did graduate in law in 2012. Learning and understanding the legal system was always [fascinating] to me. We had a subject that really motivated me to consider my legacy – my what, why, when. I felt that I had to be my own boss and build and create my own legacy for my children.

With this in mind, I started to research hair and subsequently makeup products as a consumer with a lot of issues with what was available. My thought process was, 'How can I help resolve some of these constant problems that we as a collective constantly run into?'

MAKEUP MISSION: Nadine Bryan wants enhance the self-confidence of her customers

With this, I started to create pigmented products in my kitchen (in a coffee grinder) some four years ago. I then transitioned to manufacturing, having met with a few retailers who understood the gap in the market. Now, here we are!

More and more mainstream beauty brands seem to be embracing diversity, whether this is through more inclusive ranges or more diverse ambassadors. What sets B: Undeniable apart from the rest?

B:Undeniable or B:U is a double message brand to celebrate individuality through colour. The brand is about affirming a positive directive to enhance self-confidence that can be applied to all elements of life.

That being said, the range has been formulated to mimic the undertones of the individual and using cool to warm pigments to compliment the skin’s complexion.

This offers consistent quality in the finish so eradicating the issues of yellowing or too orange or too grey and ashy.

This has been tried and tested as the brand has been used on TV shows – under studio lights – and on celebrity clients on the red carpet [where flash is used].

Having a quality, superior range of make up for ethnic women and owned by an ethnic women the “ethnic consumer” will always be at the forefront of the brand's priority.

What’s the most important lesson is that you've learned since starting your own business?

The most important lesson to learn as an entrepreneur is to continue to believe in your USP. As a businesswoman, to remain committed to the business plan and the future growth of your company. It can be tough and very isolating to manage and develop an idea into fruition but if you stick with it, fabulous things will happen.

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