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It's a VIBE as Mr. Play drops his second single


TODAY IS a ‘VIBE’! You know why? Because I just released the second single from my music project, and I am blessed to be sharing the news with you all!

I chose to collaborate with the talented @DizZYVC @ghettoboygram. This time around, I wanted a strong Afrobeats influence paying tribute to my maternal heritage - especially now as Afrobeats and Afro Pop has a great audience of all generations and cultures with genuine interest and appreciation for the music, so I wanted to deliver a fun and upbeat VIBE.

I chose to work with DizZY VC and GB as the combination of their style and vocals create a great synergy and flow! It’s definitely one to get you into the summertime vibes!! As festival season kicks off, this is one for you all to add to your playlists.

The track is available on all platforms:

Check out the official video below:

It seemed only right to do feature a Q&A this time around with DizZY VC on his music journey and his inspiration in producing VIBE, find out more here:

MR PLAY: Hey DizZY! Artist, Singer, Songwriter & Director, you’ve been doing great stuff. Finally bro, the time has finally come where we have collaborated on a track! Since your last single ‘Sweet You’ and many collabos with female artists

DizZY VC: Yes brother, I have been collaborating a lot with female artists, and now proud to collaborate with a good friend like you on latest release ‘VIBE’! The track means ALOT to me! I’ve also been wanting to team up with GB since 2014, and now finally it is manifesting! Blessings for us all ;)

MR PLAY: Can you share what inspired you when making VIBE?

DizZY VC: It was a vibe freestyle vibe, myself and GB in the studio he came up with the instrumental on the spot in my house and I came up with the song, basically creating a dance vibe asking him what kinda girls he liked? and i replied stating the kinda girls liked , Mr Play came through and we finalised the creation, Me- *Mr Dj turn on the replay* Gb - *We are up to something, Dj bring the vibe in* asking Mr Play to get the party started and hype the crowd what he does best.

MR PLAY: So DizZY are we collaborating again? Hahaaaa (private joke perhaps)?

DizZY VC: Haha! Of course bro, you know we got some special creativity in the pipeline for all the world to relish! So looking forward to the VIBEs we are creating and continuing to create

MR PLAY: I love your energy DizZY, tell us more about your future plans?

DizZY VC: You know me, I love the energy of connecting with people and the universe and it just continues to inspire my music and encourages me to share with the world! So this is the first time I am announcing publiclly that COMC - ‘Coat of Many Colours’ - my new EP coming out soon, and my debut single to he EP ‘Kick back’ coming out towards the end of June!

MR PLAY: Let everyone know bro where they can follow your music and future releases?

DizZY VC: Instgaram: @dizzyvocalchameleon Twitter @DizZYVC FB: dizzyvocalchameleon. My music can be found on all major platforms!

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