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JB Gill's wife defends Oritse Williams in statement

PICTURED: Oritse Williams

ORITSE WILLIAMS has been defended in court after his former bandmates wife - Chloe Gill - defended him in a character witness statement.

Williams is currently on trial after being charged of raping a woman in December 2016. He is being tried alongside his tour amanger Jamien Nagadhana.

The court heard a statement from Gill today (May 21), which was read by Marc Cotter QC who is defending Williams.

In the statement, she describes Williams as a man who “wears his heart on his sleeve and falls in love easily.

“He’s gifted, ambitious and very caring – his family mean everything to him, especially his mum. He’s a generally nice guy and I love to have him around. Oritse is a good listener, he’s like a mentor to my younger sister. He’s always there for us.”

Gill also revealed that she had “seen him under the influence of alcohol several times” and alleged that “alcohol makes him sleepy.”

This resulted in her being “in complete shock’ when she heard the allegation against him.

The 32-year-old singer denies raping the unidenitfied woman, and the court heard on Monday (May 20) Williams’ police interview. In the clip, he said: “I just feel like a musician, an artist that has been put into a position where they have been taken advantage of.”

The court also witnessed a recording from the alleged victim’s police interview, in which she said: ‘In the blink of an eye my pants were off.

"The whole time I was telling him to get off me, “f**k off”, but he was not having it. He was making gross remarks about my body. I was crying, I could not comprehend it any more.

“It was horrible, not feeling like you have any self-control in your body. It was really bad. I lay like a dead body for a bit. I just wanted it to be over.”

She added: “I was quite scared but not terrified. I felt more pathetic and weak. It kills your confidence. It kills everything. I felt worthless.”

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