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Join The Voice to back black businesses

POWER IN POSITIVITY: Two women are all smiles as they attend The Voice’s inaugural black business event last year (Photo credit: Thierry Lagrin)

THE VOICE is continuing to highlight the efforts of black-owned businesses and entrepreneurs across the UK with the second edition of the Black Business Guide.

Following the success of last year’s inaugural edition, the second publication will launch next month as part of the newspaper’s ongoing campaign to support black businesses.

George Ruddock, managing editor of The Voice, said: “The second edition of Black Business Guide will be worth getting your hands on. It is an essential publication that offers a valuable insight into the growing number of self-financed, innovative, enterprises across the country.”

The 2019-20 Black Business Guide will feature articles and listings, which will include a range of black businesses across different sectors. “It will contain coverage from London and the south-east, the Midlands and the north, giving exposure to black businesses which are at the heart of our community, proving jobs and creating wealth,” said Ruddock.


From analysing how entrepreneurs are creating wealth in their communities across the UK, to the hair education programme for parents and children in Birmingham, The Voice Black Business Guide delves into a growing marketplace crafted for us, by us.

In addition to the publication, The Voice will be hosting the second Black Business Fair at Lambeth Town Hall, following the success of last year’s event which took place on December 8.

The fair saw over 2,000 people shop, enjoy and learn about various black-owned brands, just in time for Christmas. Speaking at last year’s event, Cllr Donatus Anyanwu said: “Having a business fair in Brixton, particularly the town hall, demonstrates the importance of our community having a place they can call home. I think this is the best thing, for me, that has happened in the town hall for many years.”

“The business fair will be bigger and better than ever, presenting the opportunity to interact directly with some of the businesses featured and the many new enterprises taking part,” added Ruddock.


In the last few years, a wave of black-owned businesses in the UK have been filling various gaps in the market, and providing an opportunity to invest in our community. In 2018, more than 55,000 businesses had been launched with the help of government start up loans since 2012, with one in five of these enterprises being black-owned.

“It’s been wonderful to see so many people come out to support the community through buying from black-owned businesses and The Voice looks forward to continuing our support of the community through our guide and fair,” said Ruddock.

For further information about the Black Business Guide and the Business Fair, email:

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