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Krept & Konan pay tribute to Cadet

TRIBUTE: Krept & Konan

KREPT & KONAN paid tribute to Cadet on their Beats 1 show last weekend on Apple Music.

Cadet died in a tragic car accident whilst on his way to a gig in at Keele University, Staffordshire on February 9.

His death impacted many who were friends or fans of the star - many of whom who took to social media to speak poignantly on both his talent and personality.

In the new episode of Play Dirty Radio, Krept and Konan talked about Cadet’s music, their relationship, and how they’re going to keep releasing his music in his memory.

Speaking on their friendship, Konan said Cadet always inspired him when he had writer’s block or lacked inspiration. “When I have writer's block I used to phone him and be like ‘yo, you cut those freestyles so fast’. Like in the car freestyles, I'm stuck - how do you figure stuff [out]? He's like ‘bro don't even sweat it bro’,” said Konan.

“[He’d say] you don't need to overthink it, Konan you're always overthinking it bro. Just say whatever bro, whatever you feel. Don't overthink it bro, just let it flow. So yeah I love him for that. We used to talk all the time.”


Krept, who is Cadet’s cousin, also discussed how tracks Letter to Krept and Letter to Cadet helped reignite their relationship. “This is what helped us rekindle our relationship. I think, if it wasn't for these letters, we wouldn't have been able to let the things that we had on our chest off before this tragic incident,” he revealed.

“Now, it's a different meaning. It means a whole lot more to me now, when I listen to it, and I'm just glad that he did it. I'm glad that I said what I said, and he was able to take that with him. Yeah, man, these are our letters, Letter to Cadet and Letter to Krept.

Fans of the late MC will be able to celebrate his life and music in a tribute concert at 02 Academy in Brixton on March 2 on what would have been his 29th birthday.

In addition, Wireless Festival announced that his slot at this year’s event will be replaced with a tribute to him.

To listen to Play Dirty Radio, click here

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