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Lewis Hamilton: Leader of the pack

MAN OF THE MOMENT: Lewis Hamilton celebrates with the rest of the Mercedes team following his win in Brazil last weekend

LEWIS HAMILTON could have taken things easy in Brazil having already secured the 2018
drivers championship but the thirst for more success fuelled an amazing – albeit fortuitous – victory which in turn saw his team land the constructors title, their fth in a row.

Mercedes haven’t always had the best car this year, which has made their achievement all the more remarkable.


Describing what it meant to him, Hamilton said: “Honestly, these guys have worked so hard the last six years and it’s been an incredible journey for them. This is what everyone works for the whole year, you know. Everyone wakes up and goes to work every day and tries to bring the best out of themselves and they really pull together as a unit.

“I’ve always told you how much of an honour it is to drive for them, and this was the best style we could do it, because we were struggling. We had problems with the engine. Also he passed us like we were a sitting duck at one stage, but obviously they made a mistake and that brought us back into contention.”

Hamilton’s victory was his 49th in the turbo-hybrid era of Formula 1 – 50 per cent of all the races. Refusing to be drawn on his own contribution to Mercedes dominance since he got there, he said: “I keep telling you, I’m just a chink in the chain.

“They give me the tools and I try to do the best I can with it. I’m proud that I’m able to sometimes bring a little bit more than is needed or that it’s capable of, but that’s what I live for.”

Explaining why he was so emotional when he celebrated with his team, Hamilton added: “I think it was probably an explosion of the last race in Mexico winning the World Championship.

“I didn’t really feel the celebration there because I knew that we still had another championship to win and I really needed to remain focused for the team and I really came here, to build up to here, just really focused on making sure that I could deliver for them."

“Naturally, the will to want to win is so high for everyone and the stakes are high. Ultimately, you could make mistakes and all these different things, but we didn’t, so
to come in and see my guys who I’ve come along this great journey with was just a great, great moment.

“We’ve had a lot of success but we’ve still remained fierce and competitive and I think our relationship is better than it’s ever been.”

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