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Marcia Dixon celebrates 30 years in the business

SPECIAL WOMAN: Attendees are all smiles

THE PAST few days have been overwhelming for me because the black Christian community have been showing great appreciation for my 30 years in media writing about black faith, ministry and gospel music.

Tributes first started flowing in August after I wrote a Facebook post stating my 30th year in media was approaching.

The post also inspired Paula Powell, founder of Sphere Hospitality and Christian comedian Anthony King to join forces to organise an event to celebrate my media work.

The Marcia Dixon 30 Years Appreciation Evening held at ARC church, Forest Gate, on October 6 was the result.

With Anthony King and Juliet Coley serving as hosts, leading figures from the black church and the crème de la crème of the UK gospel scene made the event special with brilliant performances, heartfelt tributes and special recorded video messages.

It felt strange listening to people you’ve written about share how much they’ve appreciated your work, how one’s writings have inspired them, encouraged and motivated them to do better, praised your character. It certainly was humbling.

I couldn’t help but think that these things are usually said of people when they die.

I had to pinch myself to make sure I was alive and not dreaming either while the tributes were said.

I was honoured that some of the best gospel artists in the country sang at the event.

The list read like a who’s who of gospel, including John Fisher and IDMC, Faye Simpson of Nu Colors, MOBO Award winner Lurine Cato, BBC Voice contestant Jason Nicholson-Porter, MOBO Award winner Volney Morgan and New Ye, and more.

There were also tributes from The Voice Director Paulette Simpson, Shirley McGreal, publisher of Keep the Faith, Premier Gospel station director Muyiwa, and others.

CELEBRATION: A special cake created by The Voice for Marcia

When I first started writing the Soul Stirrings column in 1988, I certainly did not expect to still be writing it 30 years later. Neither did I expect to also serve as editor of Keep the Faith magazine.

I’ve deemed it a privilege to report on developments within the church and gospel music, and I hope there are many more years to come.

A selection of just some of the tributes to Marcia Dixon…

Patrick White
“You are an institution Marcia. I remember always turning to the Soul Stirrings page first when picking up The Voice.”

Bishop Mike Royal
“Congratulations on 30 years in the media. Massive respect.”

Pastor Junior Spence
“Marcia Dixon is most definitely one of our champions in the Christian and gospel music community. She has been our greatest supporter and cheerleader.”

Noel Robinson
“When there was no outlet for British Gospel she carried all our hopes and dreams on that Voice page, and became the voice of UK gospel.”

Karen Allen
“I have never been to an event where the person being honoured for their labour of love was in the building. Her life is a legacy.”

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