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Maya Jama criticised for tweets about dark skinned women

PICTURED: Presenter Maya Jama and grime MC Stormzy

PRESENTER MAYA Jama has been criticised for offensive tweets posted from her account that mocked dark skin women.

In one of the tweets, Jama said: “‘Dark skin b*****s shaving their head expecting to look like Amber Rose, when really they end up looking like Micheal [sic] Jordan.’ Looooooooool.”

The tweet posted in April 2012 has now been deleted.

Jama, 23, is a BBC radio presenter.

Twitter users also highlighted a number of other tweets – also now deleted – from Jama’s account, including one where she appeared to make fun of a dark skinned woman.

Jama tweeted five images of the unknown dark skinned woman with the a star, flame and poo emoji alongside the caption: “Couldn’t decide on 1 so I put em all together.”

In another post, Jama said: “Life of a disabled in London is a boring life.”

It's understood that she was referring to an injury she sustained while abroad.

The TV and radio presenter is also one of the faces of Maybelline and grime MC Stormzy’s girlfriend.

One Twitter user, @GeriCapri, expressed cynicism that the outrage will have any impact.

She said: “No one’s career has been been shaken because of colourist tweets not to talk of ruined. Stef London, Maya Jama etc will always be just fine. But it’s mad how people get at us for being offended rather than admit that what they’ve tweeted is out of line.”

Jama has not yet responded to the discovery of the tweets. But that hasn’t stopped fans and critics from speculating about the reasoning behind the statements. As a result Jama became a trending topic on Twitter.

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