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Meet the UK's pioneer theatre career resource

MOST PEOPLE envision theatre actors as some of the most glamorous, mesmerising and fascinating artists out there. Given the nature of their job and the fact that they get to express their talent, virtuosity, creativity, dedication and passion for art, poetry, literature, and music live on stage, actors are highly praised.

These chameleonic beings get to transcend their human limitations and turn into completely different characters every time, which is and will forever continue to be, a curiosity for the audience.

It's a challenging path to be walking on, but a career in the theatre is an amazing experience worth looking into if you feel like you have the right calling for it. It's a long and complicated process where you will need to spend many hours memorising scripts, perfecting your acting, going to auditions and preparing yourself for negative reviews and rejections.

It also means being incredibly patient and showing proof of endurance. In the end, however, it will all be worth it.

If you need an extra set of hands to get started, the collaboration between the Centre Stage, the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation, the Society of London Theatre and the UK Theatre is just what you need.

Get into theatre!

This is the name of the project that the above-mentioned organisations have managed to create. It is a program dedicated to people seeking a career in theatre and it is meant to eradicate all types of obstacles and barriers that are usually known to stand in the way of newcomers. The Get into Theatre project is the very first online theatre career resource that can be accessed online in the United Kingdom.

The basic premise that the entire project has been founded on is, as follows: all young people should enjoy the possibility to follow a career in theatre. With the help of this new platform, all barriers will be effectively eliminated with the help of highly accessible and helpful tips and resources.

The lack of sufficient information concerning the main steps needed to pursue such a career path is one of the main reasons preventing lots of people from initiating their journey. This is especially true for people in low-income households.

Get into theatre enables everyone interested in theatre to find on-stage and off-stage information they need concerning all available opportunities, as well as the support they need.

The program is an excellent guide for people who have no acting background, as well as a good replacement for teachers whose job it is to let interested youngsters know about the theatre colleges in the UK.

There are numerous secrets and routines that one must study prior to getting deep in the business, and this platform aims to introduce them to anyone willing to listen and learn.

Aiding underprivileged youngsters pursue a career in theatre

Andrew Lloyd Webber has expressed his content to witness the one-stop-shop be brought to life and allow everyone interested in arts to follow a career and find all the necessary information on the training they need to get where they want to go.

The program is meant to aid underprivileged youngsters, with emphasis on ethnic minorities, get in touch with their own industry contacts who can assist them every step of the way. Just like some people are mad about fresh casinos like the ones at, others are eager to go check out the newest plays at their local theatre. If you are among them, and you feel your feet itching every time you see the actors on stage, this program might just be for you.

The people behind the project urge actors, script writers, career advisors, mentors and anyone else in the industry to spread the word and let everyone know about this amazing initiative. The program also aims to eliminate the misconception that has been created around the topic of theatre careers and the hardships and risks they incur.

In an attempt to thrive in the future, everyone must get involved in investing and valuing off-stage work and workers. With clear and efficient advice that is palpable and easy to grasp, talented youngsters interested in working in front of the stage or backstage will finally receive the guidance they need.

The project will collaborate with other inspiring career programs such as Inspiring the Future of Theatre, which has already recruited more than one thousand theatre ambassadors to visit schools and discuss the topic of off stage career. Stage Sight is another example of a program that the Get into Theatre crew will work with towards improving diversity.

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