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Men as sweet as chocolate

IT'S RAINING MEN: Akinsanya’s torso cupcake, and below inset, milk chocolate and white chocolate torsos

LADIES, IF you’ve been looking for a dark, muscle-bound man, who’s as sweet as chocolate, look no further.

This beefy fella won’t bore you with football talk or leave his dirty socks lying on the bedroom floor. And best of all, he is quite literally good enough to eat.

The ‘he’ in question isn’t a living fella, but a sexy male torso made entirely of chocolate. The buff body adorns a tasty vanilla or chocolate cupcake, which comes complete with a range of frostings, from mango buttercream to champagne.

The product of cake company Delights By Cynthia, the cupcakes have, unsurprisingly, been proving a hit amongst customers.

Company owner Cynthia Akinsanya reveals the inspiration behind her latest creations.

“I think it was lovingly looking at Idris Elba for far too long…but don’t tell my husband,” laughs the baking businesswoman. “But the male torso, when it’s kept in good shape, can be an amazing form of art and inspiration.”

INSPIRED BY IDRIS: Company owner Cynthia Akinsanya

“When I initially did them, I imagined them being ideal for a girls’ night out, to have with a cocktail. But some of my gay friends love them too, so they’re not just for women. So far, people have ordered a pack of six, while others have ordered just the one for themselves. So they’re doing well so far.”

Akinsanya admits that her torso cupcakes aren’t entirely unique in concept. However, she says that part of her inspiration was the result of not seeing any ‘black’ torsos adorning cakes.

“I’m not the first person in the world to do this, but I haven’t seen anyone do any chocolate torsos before,” she says. “That’s why I thought it would be very nice to go ahead and do them.

“I was also very tempted to use tiny gold and silver baubles to make some of the torsos look like they had piercings. But I was told that might be a bit too edgy! But you never know – watch this space!”
Also providing cakes topped with fairer-skinned torsos, how does Akinsanya go about creating that flesh-tone?

“It’s modelling chocolate,” she explains. “So it’s basically white chocolate with a tint.”

Having discovered her love of baking as a child, Akinsanya decided to turn her passion into a business, launching Delights By Cynthia in 2005. The company has since been growing “slowly and steadily,” which the mother-of-two believes is the best way for a business to develop.

However, with an ever-growing demand for her services, the London-based baker and cake designer says she may need to think about expanding her business very soon.

“At the moment, it’s just me,” says Akinsanya, who provides cakes, mini-cakes and cupcakes for all occasions. “In a way I prefer that because I’m a bit of a perfectionist. I want to be happy with every cake that goes out the door, so at the moment I do it all myself.

“But I’m getting to the point where I will need help, particularly with the admin side, as I’m more of a creative person.”

Well, if and when Akinsaya decides to hang up her apron, she already has a potential successor in the form of her eldest daughter. With two girls aged eight and three, she admits that her business is already a bit of a family affair.

“My oldest daughter says she wants to take over the business one day. And my younger daughter enjoys eating my cakes, so I guess she’s like quality control!”

And what does Akinsanya’s husband make of her torso cupcakes?

“When I started doing them, he wondered if he was the inspiration,” she laughs. “He is a health freak and he does look after his body, so I guess there was some inspiration there!”

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