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Mica Paris Announced as Celeb Ambassador for LighterLife


LIGHTERLIFE, ONE of the UK’s leading weight management companies, announced yesterday (Jan 5) that Mica Paris s its latest celebrity ambassador.

The legendary soul singer has, quite literally, gone back to the 80s with the help of LighterLife to hit her goal weight of 88kg. Mica has been following the LighterLife Total Plan for the last two months, and has lost two stone in weight, dropping from a dress size 16 to a dress size 12.

After years of yo-yo dieting, professional stresses and being the head of her family, Mica’s weight had been fluctuating constantly. After turning 48 years-old, she realised that she needed to be more aware of her health, a statement that resonates with women across the world.

A hectic 2018 work schedule was the lightbulb moment Mica needed to change her unhelpful eating patterns. With LighterLife she has reached her weight-loss goal, while changing her mindset to ensure she maintains this for good.

Speaking on her new role as ambassador, Paris said: “Prior to LighterLife, like so many people I lived my life on autopilot and didn’t really think about what, or how much, I was eating. In between being a mum, cooking and looking after the family, alongside recording albums and television programmes for work, I would often find myself losing any mental discipline and falling into a cycle of weight fluctuations.

"LighterLife is a tough lifestyle change at the beginning, but it teaches you to look at your old habits with a new outlook to help you understand where you may have been going wrong. It’s all about making small positive lifestyle changes and creating good habits that you can be proud of.”

In Paris’s recent transformation shoot with LighterLife, she’s looking and feeling better than ever, and can be seen showcasing her enviable new figure in swimwear, fitness wear, smart casual clothing and party dress glam outfits.

“The biggest change I’ve noticed, besides the physical weight loss, is that I have so much more energy," said Paris. "I can now perform for much longer and don’t feel as tired on long shoots, which is amazing for me both personally and professionally.”

The songstress joins the LighterLife Celebrity Brand Ambassador team alongside TV personality Denise Welch.

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