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Minister appears to admit Windrush deportation errors

DEPORTATIONS: Immigration minister Caroline Nokes has appeared to admit wrongful deportations of members Windrush generation (Image: Caroline Nokes/Facebook)

IMMIGRATION MINISTER Caroline Nokes has appeared to admit that some Windrush immigrants have been deported in error.

In an interview with Channel 4 news, Nokes was quizzed over the number of people who came over from the Caribbean as part of the Windrush generation, prior to 1973, and have been deported.

Responding to a question on whether people had been deported in error, Nokes said: “Potentially they have been, and I’m very conscious that it’s very much in error and that’s an error I want to put right.”

It was also put to Nokes that she would presumably want to invite those who had been incorrectly deported back to the UK.

She said: “Well, absolutely, these are people who we welcomed here way back in the 50s and 60s and it’s really important to me that we correct any error, and that we send a message of reassurance to people who are here, we want to get this right for them.

“I’m very conscious that there are many people who came here prior to January ‘73, who have every right to be here but just lack the necessary documentation to prove it.”

Nokes encouraged those affected to make contact with the Home Office and said the government is determined to help people build up a picture of their life in the UK even if they might lack the required documents.

Writing in The Voice, Nokes said: “The overwhelming majority of the Windrush generation already have the immigration documents they need, but some – through no fault of their own – have not. Those are the people we are working hard to help now.”

The full interview with Channel 4 news will be broadcast this evening.

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