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New doc explores Huddersfield's Caribbean connection

BEYOND WINDRUSH: A new documentary will explore the lives of Huddersfield's Caribbean community (Image: Courtesy of Huddersfield Local Studies Library)

A NEW documentary will explore the lives of Huddersfield’s Caribbean community.

Windrush: The Years After features locals of African Caribbean descent sharing their experiences of making a life in England, including those who came here from islands in the Caribbean during their youth.

The film will look at history of national and international significance told from local’s perspectives.

As well as individuals from across the Caribbean, a diverse team of volunteers from different faiths, cultures and backgrounds, including from South Asia, Zimbabwe, China, Ireland and Barnsley, have come together to learn how to interview, film and edit under the leadership of Milton Brown, CEO of Kirklees Local Television.

The project has gathered archive material, worked in secondary schools, libraries and community centres and produced classroom resources.

The trailer for Windrush: The Years After is now available to view on YouTube.

The documentation of experiences has been made possible, in part, thanks to funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund. It has supported a year-long project to record and safeguard for future generations the memories and experiences of people who came to Huddersfield from different English-speaking islands in the Caribbean.

The team behind the film have described it as a “legacy for the people of Kirklees”.

“The occasion is a tribute to the resilience, determination and will to succeed against the odds. It recognises the challenges, achievements and continuing endeavours to create opportunities and deeper understanding of the profound economic, social and cultural contribution to life at local, regional and national level,” they said.

Community elders and cross-generational organisations will come together with civic leaders, including the leader and executive council of Kirklees, the mayor of Huddersfield, vice chancellor of the University of Huddersfield, representatives of the National Lottery Heritage Fund and local faith communities for the film’s launch on Friday, July 12.

For information about attending contact Kirklees Local TV at

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