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New single mums' support network offers aspirational events

GIRLIE TIME: Single Minded Success offers mothers an outlet

TWIN SISTERS Tameka Archer and Dian Ayim have pooled their experiences as single mothers started a venture, Single Minded Success, to support other lone mums; which launches with an event in March to be held in Holborn, central London.

Archer says:

"Our company...aims to equip single parents with the knowledge and tools to be successful.

"Very few people chose to enter parenthood alone however, many find themselves in the situation having to navigate many challenges with little support.

"Our mission is to empower single parents and create a network of like minded people so that families can flourish in spite of challenges and achieve".

Ayim adds:

"As young black professional mothers we have primarily targeted our events at the black African-Caribbean community. We feel that in a time where the sense of community is waning, now more than ever we need to create a sustainable network for single parents.

"Workshops and seminars will address topics such as guilt, identity, financial provisions, goal setting and lots more."

The Voice spoke with the sister act to find out more about the launch event and the network:

Q: Who's behind Single Minded Success?

A: My name is Tameka Archer and together with my twin sister Dian, Single Minded Success was born.

Before having my daughter, I could be described in one word - ambitious. After having my daughter and experiencing the realities of raising a child alone people often defined me as a single mum before I was anything else and for a short time that label defined me. I was still the ambitious woman and mother but I had no outlet and extremely limited cashflow.

To move on from my situation and be the best mum I could be I had to address my fear about being a single parent, address the guilt that I felt for the questions my daughter will have in the future and I had to redefine what success was to me.

Along this journey my sister has been there to support and guide me. Like our mother she sees the journey that I am on and whilst she acknowledges it's rewarding, she understands the magnitudes of the challenges I face. She too wants to help establish a sustainable network for single parents so that people like me can have an outlet. Combined we are Single Minded Success.

Q: Why should people come out to the Single Minded Success event you have coming up?

A: There is not really an event like ours on the market. Together we are creating a network of like-minded people who can relate to the challenges and obstacles that single mothers face. We give attendees access to resources to really help them determine what the best version of themselves is and a community who can help you stay on track all year-round. Our seminars have depth so attendees experience real transformation. Most importantly our event will be fun and social.

Q: What's your plan for the day - what can people expect?

A: Our plan is to address the unsaid. Sometimes it’s the guilt, feeling of lack or overcoming very real obstacles in your way. You can expect honesty, openness and a safe forum to grow.We have counsellors, life coaches and other successful single mothers guiding mums on a journey to really delve deep and think about what they want.

More importantly we give mums the tools and framework to work through how they can achieve their goals. Also, our events are fun and a real opportunity for mums to be themselves. We have goodie bags and a champagne reception at the end of the session as mums celebrate their own vision for success.

Q: Is there a vision for future events that you can share at this point?

A: Yes - initially we want to help single parents but the true beauty of our seminars is their honesty and transparency and we aim to expand to cover more topics in the future. Single Minded Success aims to become a network which empowers and connects mumpreners. We match ideas and skills sets to give every mum a chance at financial freedom. Look out for coffee morning and weekend seminar scheduled for May 2017.

Q: What's been the most challenging part of organising this?

A: In all honesty, in today’s society it is much harder to find our audience. Many mums just get on with it as they are so used to doing it solo. With Single Minded Success they don’t have to and together we can go after what we want.

We know that the network that we are hoping to create can be life changing and people can make lifelong friends. Often our confidence is low and we invest in our kids so this is unique as we are asking mums to set aside norms to invest in themselves today, so they can ensure brighter future tomorrow.

Q: What's been the most enjoyable part of this so far?

A: The most enjoyable part by far has been networking with amazing single mothers but more importantly for me seeing how many fantastic inspiring individuals have been raised by single mums. I no longer worry about how my daughter will turn out as many inspiring people that I meet have been raised by determined, strong and courageous mothers.

To purchase tickets for the event in March, click here.

To follow the mums on Facebook, search for Single Minded Success.

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