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Nick Grimshaw slams 'patronising' Will Smith

PICTURED: Will Smith and Nick Grimshaw

BBC RADIO 1 breakfast host Nick Grimshaw has slammed “fake” Will Smith as he discussed his best and worst celebrity guests over the years.

Dishing the dirt on years of celebrity interviews, he revealed that Smith was one of his worst, branding him as 'patronising'.

“He [Will Smith] was high-fiving the receptionist and saying, 'You're the best receptionist ever’," recalled Grimshaw in an interview with Sunday Times Magazine

“High-fiving the phone person and saying, 'You'd better answer those phones!' which I thought was a tad patronising.

“Coming into an office and saying, 'Wow, you answer phones!' It seemed a bit self-aware, like, 'I'm really famous and you're really excited that I've acknowledged you’.

Grimshaw added that everyone who “comes to see him is nice because they are on air” but then the producers will tell him about the “real them”.

He branded Angelina Jolie as "cold" but he had nothing but praise for Kim Kardashian, however, branding her as 'sweet' and 'not trying to be nice'.

He also sang Stormzy's praises - who one appeared at the BBC with a stack of take out pizzas.

The former T4 presenter took the reigns of the Radio 1 Breakfast Show from Chris Moyles in 2012, after he had fronted the show since 2004.

In May, he announced that he was stepping away from his show, after the programme lost 600,000 listeners in the first quarter of 2018 and Grimmy shared plans to go to Central Saint Martins to study design.

He said: 'It was always my dream to do the breakfast show and I'm very grateful that I got to live my dream every day for what will be nearly six years.

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