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'Our Journey so Far': Documentary about Bajans in Reading

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THE HERITAGE Lottery Fund are supporting a project which details the experiences of Barbadians who have settled in Reading.

The oral history project centres around a filmed documentary, Our Journey so Far, produced by the Barbados and Friends Association in Reading.

The film includes personal perspectives and interesting stories about growing up in Barbados with "fond childhood memories of family life" and much more including:

 Growing up on a West Indian island

 Leaving sun and sea for England including first impressions of Reading

 First experiences of Reading and the winter

 Community life as a Barbadian

 Finding work at Huntley & Palmers and other factories

 Football, excursions and memories of social occasions

 Lasting legacy as a Reading Barbadian.

Watch the trailer below:

Reading is often hailed as having the biggest community of Barbadians outside of the Caribbean island.

The documentary completes a busy year of activities to commemorate 50 years since Barbados achieved independence from British colonial rule. 28 April is a special day for the indigenous Bajan community - it is an opportunity to celebrate
National Heroes Day and pay tribute to people that have “contributed to the improvement of the economic and social conditions of Barbados”.

His Excellence Mr Guy Hewitt, the Barbados High Commissioner to the UK commented:

“The project undertaken by BAFA in Reading is an important one. It is capturing what has been a significant history of the movement of Barbadians into Reading. It is important that we start to record the contribution of Barbados in Britain because Barbados has made a wonderful contribution here so congratulations to our diaspora community for what is a successful project”.

Attend the screening event on Saturday 29 April from 1-4pm at Asantewa House, Fobney Street, Reading, Berkshire RG1 6BZ. Entry is free.

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