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Piers Morgan launches another lengthy rant at Meghan Markle

ONGOING: Piers Morgan and The Duchess of Sussex

PIERS MORGAN has once again called out The Duchess of Sussex and stated that the royal wants to be a “woke princess” and the racist abuse she faces is “nonsense”.

Following his previous rant on Monday (Sep 2), where he called out the duchess’s use of private jets, he shot down claims that the trolling she receives is down to racism and said she’s too concerned with being a celebrity princess.

“She [Meghan] wants to be a celebrity princess, rather like Angelina Jolie would do it,’ Piers said. “Here’s the bottom line, you can’t be political and be a senior member of the royal family, there is too much hypocrisy that goes with that position.

“And also, you’re polarising half your audience. Are we going to hear about Meghan spouting out about Brexit now?’

When the discussion turned towards the racist undertones in much of the criticism Meghan faces, Morgan stated: “I’m sorry, everyone gets abuse online. I get it 10 times worse than she does, I’m sorry. The other thing, this idea that it all stems from racism is nonsense. Media coverage has been negative because they persistently last year have been ranked, hypocrites.”

He continued: “They got the best press ever until the wedding, they got the best press I’ve ever seen. All she had to do, was not very much actually. The problem is she wants to be a woke process. The problem with that is, the British public don’t want the royals to be woke.”

Morgan then went on to slam Meghan for refusing to meet with President Donald Trump during his state visit back in May. “She shouldn’t be refusing to meet with Donald Trump, I’m sorry. She wants to be a celebrity advocate for all kinds of issues, she can’t do that.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have faced intense criticism this past week, after it was revealed that they used four private jets in the space of 11 days.

“I’ve got no problem with Harry and Meghan being royals, flying around in private jets, taking helicopters from London to Birmingham as he’s done, going around in big gas-guzzling cars, I’ve done all those things myself,” Piers said.

“My problem comes when simultaneously they’re trying to be the high priest and high priestess of environmental preaching, you can’t do both.”

Prince Harry recently addressed the criticism surrounding the private jet row at an event this week, where he said he spends “99%” of his life travelling the world using commercial planes, but “occasionally there needs to be an opportunity based on a unique circumstance to ensure that my family are safe - it's generally as simple as that."

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