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Sandra Brown-Pinnock closes landmark Afro hair store

CLOSURE: Sandra Brown-Pinnock has announced the closure of her South London-based Xsandy's hair & beauty store

HAIR ENTREPRENEUR Sandra Brown-Pinnock released a statement via Facebook yesterday (14 February) explaining that she is closing her hair store Xsandy’s, located in Peckham, South East London.

She wrote: "It's with regret I have close the door of the Peckham store I have tried everything possible to keep going but the support was not enough to keep the doors open, to pay the overhead. I'm so sad because daily I walk up Rye lane Peckham and seen all the other hair shops fill with my people sometimes I would ask if they knew about Xsandys eight out of ten people would say "yes" but then give reason they do or did not visit main reason "too far down" other excuse "prices" which I know was not true, when challenge they would sheepishly back down.

"We continue to talk about change and supporting but that's all we do as a people TALK!!!! so our community will NEVER move from where it is why? because 99.9% of us really don't CARE. So I will concentrate on Lewisham and my online store which is going mighty well thanks for all loyal supporters of Lewisham store, snd online shop. All we do is TALK!!!!!!!! Smh Talk is so Cheap"

Sandra hit headlines in 2015 when she opened the first branch of Xsandy’s in Lewisham, making history as one of the first black women to own an Afro supply store in the UK. To date, the store remains the only African-Caribbean owned hair and beauty supplier in South East London.

Sandra has always been outspoken about the challenges that come with working in an industry that renders her as the minority.


A number of people left comments underneath Sandra's post, expressing a mixture of views about the shop's closure and the owner's sentiments.

One user, Karl Wilson, stated: "I'm genuinely sorry that your shop had to close, but "99.9%"? Could you please stop spreading negative propaganda about us. Thank you and good luck with your other ventures."

Another, Ceeka DaCrafta, wrote: "It's a shame you've had to close your second shop Sandra Brown-Pinnock but in all honesty you have your one in Lewisham that is still doing well. Maybe consider an area outside of South London, that way you'd maximize your reach? Or as your original shop becomes more established and a 'household name' in our community reconsider expanding. I'm not going to lie, this isn't the first time I've come across a post like this from you regarding lack of support in our community. Initially, as a business owner myself, I got it and agreed.... I felt the same about my business too until I realised that this isn't how business runs, stopped expecting automatic support and I now constantly stay on top of my business model and marketing to attract the right customers.

"I saw you mention in other comments that you also own a thriving social care business that employs over 50 people and that most of those that apply aren't Black either. Have you marketed to attract more social care practitioners from the Black community? If I knew more about this other business of yours I'd have definitely applied for a position a long time ago.
I've been aware of your hair shop for quite a few years now but only because of you posting about lack of support... that's something to think about."

Joan Bogle stated: "Not to worry, Sandra Brown-Pinnock we just need to stick together, don't know why ppl don't. Keep focus hun Keep going. Always putting the Almighty first"

This news raises questions about the community's perceived failure to support black-owned businesses. What do you think? Comment below or send your thoughts to

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