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'Snoop Lion could be a good Rastafarian'


VETERAN REGGAE deejay Macka B has said that Snoop Lion, formerly known as Snoop Dogg, deserves a chance to become a Rastafarian.

The Murder Was The Case That They Gave Me rapper visited a Rastafarian temple in Jamaica and was converted to the religion, in July this year.

Macka B has been performing reggae for over 30 years and was a strict Rasta and vegan before he embarked on his music career. Stressing the importance that Ras Tafari has on the every aspect of his daily life, the musician said he will wait and see if Snoop Lion is for real.

“Everybody can change,” said the Sign of the Times star. “But I’m a great believer in time being the master and because somebody says something doesn’t mean they are going to do it. Your actions over time will prove it.

“He used to do all kinds of things like pornography and a whole leap of gun talk. But it’s a good thing though, if he has denounced those bad things. I haven’t heard him say those things were wrong. If he really has changed, he has to bun fire on all those things and make people know that was wrong,” said the multi instrumentalist.

Believing that music is one of the most powerful media in which to spread a message, Macka B also called on the younger reggae artistes to be more responsible with their tracks.

“I see music as a God given talent, something we have to use for good. These artistes that talk violence or bleach their skin don’t realise the power they have or they don’t care as long as they are making money. If you are singing a song about shooting people – although you are not doing it you must know that there are people out there listening who will because everything is hypage.”

“I’m a great believer in judgment and sometimes the judgment comes back. It’s more than a song. To certain people you are their idol. As musicians we have a responsibility to be positive. Entertainment is ok but when did shooting somebody become entertainment? If you take it away from the music, then it’s not entertaining,” said the Wolverhampton-born activist.

Known for his social commentary, Macka B’s 18th and newest album Change The World calls on his listeners to unite and make a difference in getting rid of post code wars and switching to a vegan Ital diet.

“The album lets people know that we can change our situation if we just get together and put the positive things in front of the negative things. Tracks like Nuclear Energy, Bless you Mamma and Good Woman all have positive messages. Make a claim, is about reparations and Post Code War is about stopping the violence with the youth around the country. It’s also about showing the youths how great they are.”

Change The World is out now through Chinelo Records, for more information visit

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