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Spotify UK launches Black is History Now category

MODERN MUSIC HISTORY: Spotify has launched a collection of playlists focused on celebrating black British musicians

SPOTIFY UK has launched a new category called “Black History is Now” to showcase black music history makers.

Although, launching in October, the category will be available on the platform 24/7 365 days a year.

Austin Darbo, head of shows and editorial at Spotify UK, said the category will be “celebrating the black British experience”.

The category will house a collection of playlists which feature some of the very best contributors to Black British music and culture.

The playlists are as follows: Foundation UK, which explores the originators of UK MC culture, Galdem: Queens and Mandem: Kings, which respectively feature modern day artists flying the flag for black music, Black Britain: Soul Sisters and Notting Hill Carnival Anthems.

There is also a special playlist entitled Black Britain: Windrush Generation, which will encompass sounds inspired by Caribbean-born Britons, and a selection of podcasts covering a variety of genres and subjects.

The announcement has been well received on social media.

“There’s a reason why so many righteous and talented people are leaving established industry positions to work at Spotify. They just know how to do things right. No tokenism. No bull,” one Twitter user said.

Another said: “This is big, bold, brave and I predict is the start of something very special for you, for Spotify and for the culture. I have no doubt this will be remembered in years to come for influence it has.”

In July, the music-streaming subscription service launched a year-round "Black History is Happening Now" initiative curated by Pharrell Williams for its US audience.

In a statement released at the time, Spotify said: “Even after Black History Month has passed, the celebration of Black History should not end.

“By paying tribute to the black musicians who have paved the way, Spotify will be empowering the artists who will define what’s next.”

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