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Street2Boardroom: Eight-week entrepreneurship course

FOUNDER OF the Street2Boardroom (S2B) initiative for those who show entrepreneurial promise Clayton Planter has been offered encouraged by Lord Lieutenant Peaches Golding of Bristol, has met Jeremy Corbyn, who offered validation and even been encouraged to stand as councillor for the community of St. Paul’s in Bristol.

S2B is an eight-week course that aims to harness the potential of youth and adults who are channeling their head for figures in the wrong direction, or have received no guidance when it comes reaching entrepreneurial proficiency.

The success of S2B is such that it has even been "mentioned in the White House", according to Planter and has been gaining momentum and media attention internationally. What's more, in keeping with the ethos it shares with its business savvy users it doesn’t rely on government funding.

The Avon and Somerset Police Crime Commissioner and the Prince’s Trust have partnered with Planter to refer young people to him in the hopes that his flair for enterprise will rub off on them and have a positive ripple effect on local economies.

“The usual models that provide opportunity are out of date,” says Planter.


Having worked in banking and for local government, Planter did not rise to senior management level due to "ignorance, institutionalised racism and fear", he says.

In addition, Planter maintains that "boardroom activity is another kind of street hustling" and that he will be concentrating on reaching individuals exposed to crime and disadvantage".

"It’s about people taking control of their own lives.

"S2B takes account of the conundrum of conventional hurdles, which can act as barriers. It’s a course for transformation and helps delegated to stay focused.

"S2B gives an opportunity to anyone who is ambitious."

"The programme will teach individuals the tools necessary to succeed legitimately, implying that a criminal record should not stop people applying their knowhow and enthusiasm, which goes some way to addressing economic equality. Anyone is welcome,” Planter explains.

While flexible to some extent, specifically S2B covers branding, management, etiquette, marketing, networking, funding and promotion.

“Street2Boardroom taught me about jargon language, digital marketing and gave me connections for what I need to do,” Mr. Sherrel, 22, who has been on the course, commented.

"Life is what you make it - the higher the risk the higher the reward."

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