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These property developers are building bright futures

TURNING THEIR LIVES AROUND: Kazeem Akinfolarin and Michael Odedina were once on the wrong side of the law, but are now successful businessmen and mentors

LIFELONG FRIENDS Michael Odedina and Kazeem Akinfolarin are the entrepreneurial duo who are making waves in the property industry.

Having always had a thirst for business, the pair previously bought and sold cars for a living.

Having admittedly grown up on the wrong side of the law, they were determined to make something of their futures.

With their growing property portfolio, both decided it was time to give back.

The Voice recently caught up with the founders of Deluxe Property Ventures to talk about their future plans and dreams of creating brighter futures for the youth of today.

Odedina, 29, and Akinfolarin, 28, are the first to admit that life wasn’t easy growing up. Having found themselves in the wrong circles and making bad decisions, it is clear to see that with the right mindset and positive role models it is possible to change your life for the better.

Having found their previous jobs time-consuming, they quickly grew tired of the long hours on the road.

Being big fans of Homes Under The Hammer it was a natural progression for the pair.


“We always wanted to get into property but always thought we would need x amount of money, not realising there are many different strategies and ways of creating reoccurring cashflow,” said Akinfolarin.

After training with the Assets For Life property academy, three months were spent attending various bootcamps, seminars, watching YouTube videos and studying on-going reading material before getting their first rent-to-rent property deal.

Odedina said: “It was difficult to get our first deal but once we had the property training, the deals just kept on coming.”

Having 10 deals under their belts in the space of a year, both feel it is now time to give back.

“The charity that we work with, Key4Life, aim to help ex offenders and people who are at risk of going to prison or are already in prison,” Akinfolarin explained.

“We want to teach them what we have learnt and try and help them get into the right mindset and show them that there is another way.”

Having been part of a mentorship programme, both feel they have benefited greatly from having a mentor of their own.

Odedina said: “Having a mentor for us was life-changing, I can honestly say that I don’t think we would be where we are today without it.

“It’s like having a blueprint to success that has helped us reach our goals in such a short space of time.”

Receiving so much support has inspired the pair to become mentors themselves.

“I think kids spend so much time on the streets because of the lack of things to do, which is mainly down to boredom and their surroundings.

“There are also not enough black role models who are actively out there trying to make a change,” added Akinfolarin.

Both have found it beneficial listening to podcasts and motivational speakers, such as Les Brown and Inky Johnson, on a regular basis and want to encourage others to do the same.

“Listening to positive and motivational material helped me a lot. The same way your body needs food, your mind does too. Be intentional about changing your life,” said Odedina.

The pair have achieved great success in such a short space of time and now want to help as many people as possible by sharing the knowledge of what they themselves have learned.

“We hope to create opportunities and help to change the mindsets of others so they too can succeed.

A book is also something we are now actively working on together,” revealed Akinfolarin.

For more inspiration find them on Instagram by following the accounts @mike_dpv and @kaz_dpv. Visit for more about the business.

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