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Tourists: British women can take their pick of Gambian men

VISITING GAMBIA: Jackie Simpson, left, and Julie Ramsey, right, have travelled to the country 15 times in the last eight years (Image: ITV/YouTube)

BRITISH WOMEN who say they were interested in holidaying in Gambia because of reggae and Bob Marley have said tourists can “take their pick” from Tinie Tempah and Snoop Dogg lookalikes.

During a segment on the trend of Britons over 60 heading to Gambia for love, This Morning hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford spoke to two sisters about their experiences in the country.

Jackie Simpson, 63, and Julie Ramsey, 61, who have visited Gambia 15 times in the last eight years, say they were initially interested in going to the country because they like reggae music and Bob Marley.

When asked by Holmes why Gambian men were so interested in English women, Simpson responded: “Probably to get to England.”

Simpson who said she’s had “a good relationship with two of them” told Langsford and Holmes: “The ones I’ve met, I’ve just told them straight, you know, ‘You’ve got no chance of getting to England’.”

She added that the propositions she’d received from young Gambian men made her feel good.

Simpson went on to say that the men were “very poor” and as a result of the nice meals and drinks they were on the receiving end of it was good for them and the British women as well.

Comparing Gambian men and British men she described the former as gentlemanly and said it was “probably because they’re laid back on the weed maybe, I don’t know”.

As the two guests joked with the hosts about Langsford planning a trip to Gambia, Simpson said: “You can pick your choice from Tinie Tempah, Snoop Dogg, Will.I.Ams – pick and mix.”

Holmes then suggested the pair, who are from Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, should be tourist representatives for Gambia.

The women’s appearance on the show prompted a debate about sex tourism on social media.

One commenter tweeted: “These Gambia Grans! It’s terrible all around. Imagine if these were 60-year-old men travelling to Gambia for 'tourism'. The laughter of the ITV hosts is sickening to me. Sex tourism is not okay, no matter the gender!”

Another said: “#ThisMorning is no one else offended by how these #gambiagrans are talking about Gambian men like they’re objects to be used at their disposal for their pleasure?!”

“Are you fully taking the pi**. This is showing your pure ignorance to Africa, the people from there and the cultures. You go to Gambia to find love with Gambian men and because you love Bob Marley and Reggae music? Is that not the Caribbean, darling?” another commented.

“That Gambia piece was offensive and ignorant,” one viewer tweeted.

But the sisters were also supported by those who found their behaviour innocent and nothing more than a bit of fun.

“All that matters is that they are having a great time! Lovely, funny ladies,” one viewer said.

Another wrote on Twitter: “These ladies are happy and living their best life why is everyone getting all offended it’s no different to anyone half their age going to Maguluf or Ibiza and having a good time the ladies are there for a good time and know the score.”

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