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Turning gang past into an inspirational future

CHANGE: Raver (@officialpeckhamraver)

KEDU...BAWO ni! That’s Nigerian for “Hey how are you?” in Igbo and Yoruba.

Over the weekend, I spent time with two talented UK based Nigerian artists, so I’ve definitely been feeling the vibes… haha!

I had a great session on set filming for my next single with Afrobeat artists Dizzy and GB. It was great to work with them both so shout out to them! I predict more great times ahead.

LINK UP: Mr Play on set filming for his next track release with Afrobeat artists: @dizzyvocalchameleon (left) and @ghettoboygram (right)

I’m extremely thankful for the opportunity and you guys need to stay tuned as there is more to come from my music project and this time I am paying tribute to my maternal African heritage. Shout out my Sierra Leoneans!!


South Londoners have been showing a lot of love and support for new Artist Raver (also known as Carlton SN1) with his first track Bad Up, which will be released on Friday April 12.

Take a listen below:

What a tune!! I even got my dub plate special and threw it on my DJ set on Saturday night, everyone was loving it. I also managed to to catch up with Raver to hear more about his journey.

Many will recognise him as his former stage name Carlton SN1, before he served a lengthy jail sentence, which was actually the catalyst for his transformational change in life.

He found his true path and realised through this he can help to inspire the younger generation to stay away from a life of crime, and to focus more on finding their true life path.

Raver has plans to help support the community by sharing his journey through music and guidance with the intention to making a real difference

Find out more about him in my Q&A with the rising star of below:

Q: Who is Official Peckham Raver?

A: Raver otherwise known as Carlton SN1, is someone many would associate with forming the Peckham SN1 gang years back. Formally a dangerous, powerful and feared man, I found my musical gifts after serving a lengthy 11 year prison sentence, which ended up becoming the most pivotal moment in my life ever!

I found myself, coming to the realisation that I had taken the wrong path and choices. I discovered my true soul, genuine self, and life purpose, realising that many others heading down the wrong path have the opportunity to change too, because it’s never too late! I decided my calling was to help share this message with others; encouraging them to find themselves, leaving the streets and a life of crime behind.

NEW MUSIC: Raver’s first single Bad up is out now

Q: Who and what has inspired your journey in music and becoming and artist?

A: My previous bad choices was what drove my awakening. After being sentenced for a long period, I was inspired to start writing music from my cell in 2014 and upon release in 2018, I brought my hidden talents to life through recording my first track.

Q: Who were your biggest influences in music growing up?

A: There’s way too many to name. Michael Jackson, a true legend, and the likes of Beres Hammond.

Q: Your first release “Bad Up” is gassy! What plans do you have upcoming for this summer?

A: I’ve got a few upcoming tracks for the summer. I might even have a special one for for Carnival, so stay tuned!

Q: I hear your musical talents means you’re not sticking to one genre? Is that true? Can you share more?

A: Yeah I’ve got more to share so expect to hear a more R&B and soulful sound later on in the year.

Q: Where can we follow you (socials) and get your new single “Bad up’?

A: Instagram & Youtube is @officialpeckhamraver and Twitter & Facebook is @peckhamraver

Get my new track “Bad Up” and support my journey available on iTunes, Android & Spotify :)

Weekly contributions by Steph D’Sa @Ms_Dsa

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