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UK drivers struggle with car basics in these two areas

WHILST THE technology and mechanics in modern cars have evolved, UK motorists continue to struggle with understanding basic car maintenance, such as how to check tyre tread depth and changing bulbs on car lights.
The new research by LV= also reveals that those in Yorkshire and the Humber are the most likely to have been self-taught – three in ten (31%).
33% of respondents said their car maintenance skills were self-taught, compared to 35% who said their dad taught them.
Yorkshire-based mechanics Simon March and Co:
“Most people rely on garages to check their vehicle once a year and in their mind, the MOT is a maintenance program, not a test.

“I believe that car maintenance should be taught alongside learning to drive and be a bigger part of the test. Motorists should be able to check lights, tyres and levels as they are weekly checks as per the highway code but most people are frightened to have a go at maintenance and will not seek advice.”

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