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What fatherhood means to me

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY: What does fatherhood mean to you?

Daddy Ernie, Vibes FM reggae DJ

Daddy Ernie pictured with sons Andrez (left) and Ryan and granddaughter Heaven.

He says: “Being a Daddy makes me very proud; I’m proud to have two wonderful men as my sons.”


Eddie Nestor, BBC broadcaster and comedian
Eddie Nestor pictured with sons Kai (left) and Jadon. He says: “My kids cost a fortune and stop me from being spontaneous. They have completely destroyed my street cred and a lie-in is impossible; but I love my boys. They're like a mirror and because I want only good for them, I have to be better. My life, my joy.”


Quincy, comedian, DJ and presenter

Quincy pictured with sons Kadeem (left) and Kieran.

He says: “Fatherhood to me means legacy, as this is what I would like to leave my children. It means support through the good times and bad, especially the bad as that’s when they need us most.
“Me and my children have a bet that by the time they reach 25, they won’t be able to push more weights than me. If that day comes, I’ll put up the gym bag and draw for the slippers.”


Rudi Lickwood, comedian

Rudi Pictured with (l-r) daughter Serena, grandson Tianno, and daughters Jamelia and Riann.

Rudi Lickwood says: “Dad is: The face you look for when seeking approval, even though you hit a few bum notes playing the recorder in the school play. The man who helps you with your homework and gets it all wrong.

“The cab driver, who never gets a tip for getting you to ballet and gymnastics classes. The person who shows you how a woman should be treated and loved, as demonstrated by the expression of contentment written on mum’s face.

“The cash point machine, who does all he can to ensure goals are achievable. A fountain of knowledge, who lets you learn from his mistakes. The emotional pillow you cry on after a frustrating day.

“For me, fatherhood was the day I transformed from being a boy to a man. No longer would the decisions I make be one of self-gratification; my behaviour would now shape the morals and principles of my three daughters. I love being a stay at home father for my children and wouldn't change a thing. ‘Bout time women started bring in the bacon, ain’t that right? Eh eh, wifey, put down de Dutch pot – no need for any violence!”


J-Rock, rapper from MOBO Award-winning group Big Brovaz

J-Rock pictured with (l-r) fiancée Shenise and sons Khayleb-Gianni, Richard-Michael and John-Paul Jr.

He says: “My dad was my hero when I was growing up; I always said I wanted to be just like him. He always gave us good advice and guided us all towards our dreams.

“There were times when I didn’t understand why my dad did all these things for us, sometimes working menial jobs far beneath his usual posts in order to make ends meet. But when I became a father myself, I understood fully why any real father would make such sacrifices.

“A real father is the glue that holds the family together. He is the person you go to for security, safety, strength and sensibility. When I say ‘real father’, it has nothing to do with biology! Stepfathers who play a good role in a child’s life should be recognised and commended also. I practice every day, trying to be as good a father as my dad is.

“My dad is now a great grandfather three times over and I think of all the titles he has held in life, this one suits him best. Happy Father’s Day to all the real dads out there.”


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