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Whats the Play? With Anthony 'Play' Douglas


WHAT AN eventful few weeks we've had.

First of all, condolences to anyone who lost someone in the Grenfell Tower fire on Latimer Road and my deepest sympathies to all who were affected. I wanna send a big shout out to the emergency services – especially the London Fire Brigade – I can't even imagine what some of them have witnessed. May God bless and strengthen their hearts.

It has been really moving to see Londoners come together as one. It didn't matter what age, colour or creed, London was united and I was proud to be a Londoner.

On a lighter note, I linked up with an "Over 30's Ol Skool" club night called: "Boom Box LDN" to have a "School Uniform" themed party last weekend. What a phenomenal time I had!


I'm always out and about, attending different events and parties around the world, but i'll be honest, the majority of them are not great. We make them look good "for the Gram" lol. But this night was the ting, jeeeeezzzzz!! It was refreshing to party with people my own age who grew up listening to the same music I did.

I was extremely happy to see friends from Hammersmith College (Class of 96), my heart was filled with joy, and my feet couldn't stop moving to them New Jack Swing beats (Young people, Google New Jack Swing... listen to some PROPER music this week, recommended by Uncle Play ;-) lol). Boom Box LDN is the perfect event for birthdays, Hen and Stag dos for lovers of music from the 90's and noughts.


Speaking of music, it was nice catching up with my brother, UK artist Fekky a few weeks ago. I went to his album listening party in the West End to take in his new masterpiece, "EL CLASSICO". The album definitely takes you on his musical journey and gives you an insight into the life of Feks aka Billi Sauce.

I was VERY happy to see him and another good friend of mine Justin Clarke aka Ghetts on a track together. I remember telling Fekky years back that him and Ghetts would do a madness if they linked up, and boy was I right. Look out for their track "CALL ME AGAIN" it's my favourite track on the album, and is definitely one for the gym – it will have you feeling like He-Man! Lol. You can pre-order your copy of El Classico now via all music outlets.

With all this partying going on and summer hot on our heels, we all need to make sure we're eating right so we can dance all night - lol. Last week, I caught up with Big J the 'Go Gettin Foodigan'. Big J is well known all over for his sauce 'Big J's Kitchen' which he created in his kitchen in Tooting, South London, and went on to become a top selling product in one of the UK's most prestigious department stores - Selfridges.

Big J has also made a name for himself by bringing his 'Flavour Of Da Street' to food lovers all over the UK. From selling sauces nationwide to running exclusive 'Big J's Foodiganz' menus across the infamous 'London Cocktail Club' kitchens in Oxford circus, Shaftesbury Avenue and Goodge Street alongside Pop up kitchens and party events all over the City.

He swears by his go-getter attitude which he solidified with his famous quote: "A Dream's Worth Nothing If You Leave It On A Pillow!" which has been mysteriously plastered all over London since Summer 2016 by a street artist with a hidden identity.

Big J is now bringing a new style of partying and socialising to London daytime events, infused with street food, great drinks, top DJ's and Big vibes.

The first of his events is Big J's StreetFood Clash on Sunday 25 June 2017, 2pm at Lost Rivers Elephant in Elephant and Castle and it's going to be major! It's an urban food fight between some of the UK's top New Street Food Vendors who'll be battling for "The Best New Street Food" title against a backdrop of some of London's top urban DJ's, bringing party vibes and high energy.

Mr. Play and Big J

Big J said "The events going to be crazy! No ones doing anything like this... a bangin' party with bangin' food! Day time partying is the new trend coming over from the States, its perfect... you can have all the fun of a late night rave and still wake up in the morning and make your money or deal with the children (laughs)"

He then went on to explain what the StreetFood Clash is all about and why it's so important to the street food industry :

"It's a bold statement, we're doing it off our own back and putting in our own work to make a powerful mark in the food industry. This is why the support is so important, we haven't got crazy big budgets and major corporate funding behind us... all we got is passion, authenticity, drive and heart! We want to inspire the new generation to go out and make their dreams happen!

Although we aim to bring a great fun experience to everyone who attends, the StreetFood Clash isn't just about a great party and day out, it's also an opportunity for new street food vendors to get their names on the map giving new talent a voice that hasn't been getting heard recently.

We're moving revolutionary (laughs). The street food industry has changed over the years... some for the good and some for the bad! Me and my Foodiganz are trying to fix the bad section (laughs).

It's become very corporate, with the same names dominating all the Main Street food outlets in the same way that McDonalds would control every high street. Not only does it make it hard for the new guys to come through, it's also taken a lot of the heart and soul out of street food... It used to be about good fun and exciting food at an even better price! Food you can't get elsewhere! You'd literally have to travel and go to different areas just to have that bad boy jerk chicken that you can only get from that one particular vendor!

You know what I mean? But now it's just the same guys in every spot and these spots ain't giving a chance for the new talent to come through!"

I had to ask him "What are 'Foodiganz'"

Big J replied "That's my squad, it means Foodies that know how to have a good time! So as long as you know good food... know how to make good food... and like to live life to the fullest! You're a Foodigan too"

Big J's passion for and knowledge of the food industry really shines through. Sitting with him for just a few minutes was enough to let me know that Big J's StreetFood Clash definitely looks like an event not to be missed this summer.

Big J stated "I Might Not Be The Street Food King... But I'm definitely The Street's Food King!" And I think he may just be right!

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And finally... As yesterday was Fathers Day, I wanna send a massive shout out to all the dad's, stepdads, grandads, uncles, godfathers, brothers, friends doing their bit to raise the next generation. I had the pleasure of being interviewed by my Daughter for Motherhood Reconstructed's blog. You can check it out on their website.

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