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What's your millionaire dream?

WINNING THE lottery is one of those daydream conversations we all love to have. Maybe you’re discussing it with colleagues in the work while joining the office lottery syndicate. Maybe you were reading the news and noticed a headline about a record-breaking jackpot.

Or maybe you were just eyeing up holidays you’d enjoy this summer. Whatever the reason, winning big on the lotto is something everyone can get excited about. But what if it really happened to you? Today we’ve got some epic ideas to feed your millionaire dreams, and we’ve thrown in some practical advice for good measure. You never know when you might need it!

Lavish property

Many lottery winners don’t quite know where to start once the shock wears off and they have a large sum of money to manage. One of the most common pieces of advice from all corners of the world is that to maximise the potential of your winnings, you should invest.

It seems luxury accommodation must be the best investments for freshly minted millionaires. Whether you fancy a stately castle, historic manor, palatial estate, or modern urban luxe flat, finding a swish property – or four – to invest in is a prudent move.

All mod cons

Whether you’ve chosen to find new digs or simply picked up a holiday home someplace dear to your heart, another popular option for those who’ve had a windfall is to invest in updated technology and equipment throughout the property.

This can be as simple as adding smart devices to your existing home, or upgrading your boiler to something leaner and greener. On the other hand, this could involve creating a truly “smart” home where the water is always the temperature you like best, the music is at the right volume every time you turn it on, and the fridge lets Tesco know you’re running low on milk and eggs before your breakfast plans are ruined.

Driving ambition

And you’ll want to have the best luxury cars to get between these fabulous homes and holiday sites – whether that means you have a fleet of personalised vehicles or a rolling series of top marque leases.

Better still, a stunning motor just arrives at the door whenever the need arises. Or, thinking even bigger, perhaps you need to have a helipad installed and hire a pilot to take you from place to place in your own flash helicopter?

Stay grounded

Helicopters and supercars aside, one of the other pieces of advice that continually peppers articles about lottery winners is quite simply that winners should seek expert advice about managing their winnings before going on any major spending sprees.

Obviously, you need to be sure you’re dealing with genuine financial management professionals to help you set up adequate investments to sustain the lifestyle you’re hoping to adopt. Speak with professionals, starting with the liaison from the lottery fund itself, to get your feet firmly beneath you before setting off on this new, exciting journey.

Splash and share

One way many lottery winners keep themselves grounded in reality is by pairing their indulgent purchases with donations to worthy causes. This is particularly effective when you choose to remain more or less within the same local area that they are part of before striking it rich, because you’re aware of genuine needs in your locality and can make informed choices about what programs may benefit most from your assistance.

Also, this gives you the opportunity to watch the growth and development that your philanthropy has on an area you know and love.

The idea of bombing around town in a massive Daimler wearing fur, dripping diamonds, and throwing 50 pound notes in the air is no longer how people envision lottery winners. In today’s more socially conscious world, there is much to be said for prudent investment, quiet extravagance, and environmental preservation.

Having said that, millionaire daydreams are a lot of fun, and we understand your need to dream about a countryside estate with a small, tasteful, courtyard mansion for your cat.

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