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'The White Slave’ comes to ABN TV

COMING SOON: Scenes from The White Slave

ABN TV, ‘Your Favourite Black Channel’ has done it again! ABN TV is pleased to introduce for airing from 5 June 2017 a brand new, much acclaimed and talked about, epic telenovela series The White Slave.

Allied Broadcasting Network Limited (ABN TV) was established four years ago is the leading black television station in the United Kingdom. They pride themselves on being a family and entertainment-oriented television station. ABN TV won the Screen Nation Favourite Channel Award in its first year of inception.

The highly-regarded and popular television station has a UK viewership that is well-recognised.

ABN TV currently operates on the Sky Broadcasting Network (channel 235) and their programming includes movies, telenovelas, documentaries, news, sports, talk shows, lifestyle shows, dramas, comedy and music.

ABN TV, well known for its groundbreaking telenovela series has your summer TV entertainment guaranteed, with their ready-to-go telenovela blockbuster The White Slave - a pulsating, intriguing, riveting and absorbing series that will keep you glued to your seats.

The White Slave narrates the story of a white woman (Victoria) who, in her childhood, was rescued from imminent death by a black family who lovingly raised her. Unfortunately, she is taken from the arms of her loving black family who are taken into slavery, whilst she is transported to Spain because according to the society of the time, a white woman could not live with slaves.

Years later, she (Victoria), known to everyone as Marquise (marchioness) returns to America to marry a prosperous merchant from the region. Foremost in her thoughts however, is an agenda to see her black family liberated. For Victoria, ‘everyone is the same colour’ which is why she won’t rest until she claims justice by ensuring her much loved black family are rescued and set free from the shackles of slavery.

Wherever The White Slave has been aired over the globe, it has attracted a lot passionate interest with exceptionally positive and brilliant reviews inclusive of the following:

“Speechless- It felt so rich and well crafted-movie like, and epic. If you haven’t watched it yet, you are missing out”

“The storyline was nothing but brilliant. The inclusion of the African tribe was magnificent. I have recommended the movie to all my friends and family”

Renowned Spanish movie star and Goya award winner Nerea Camacho plays the lead of Victoria, accompanied by a stellar cast including Miguel de Miguel, Luciano D’Alessandro, Orian Suarez, Miroslava del Carmen and Modesto Lacen to name a few.

You cannot afford to miss out on this epic, exciting, thrilling and thought provoking telenovela series that starts airing on ABN TV, Sky channel 235, from Monday to Fridays, 9-10pm with repeats from 1-2am.

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