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Why you should try out a new book genre

AFTER GETTING comfortable with a certain genre of books, you may find it hard to change to another. It's normal and doesn't only happen with books. It happens with places you live in – churches you attend, shops you buy from, movies you watch, songs you listen to, and many other things you do.

Trying a new genre of books means that you may miss out on new books in your favourite genre and that you may end up not even settling with any new genre. However, as uncomfortable as it may be, there are also some advantages to it.

So, next time you come across an opportunity like the Fiction Books Sale from TheWorks, you may wish to try out a new kind of book because these listed below are some of the good things that can come from it:

It will help you appreciate your favourite genre more

Sometimes, we get so used to doing one thing that we don't really know why we prefer it to another. When you try to read other genres, you will understand better why you love your favourite genre and why you can't trade it for others. It may even teach you a little about yourself – some things you like and some things you don't like.

It will expand your knowledge of books

There are a lot of genres that will make you understand about books and factors around books, but it can't teach you all. When you try new genres, you'll be able to have a broader idea about books, rather than only what's offered in the genre you read.

It will increase your vocabulary

There are words that are unique to certain places, situations, and even to certain kinds of books. Some words found in romance novels may be kept out of children’s books, and there are some words used in horror books that you may not find in fantasy. You'll come across new words, and maybe learn them consciously or unconsciously if you decide to explore other genres.

It will lead you to find other awesome books

There are definitely awesome books in your genre of choice - that's why you read them. But there are awesome books outside your genre that you will only get to appreciate after you've read them. Try a new genre and maybe you'll just stumble on the hardback that will change your life or answer a question in your head or do some special good for you.

It will encourage you to explore more

When you try other genres and they give you something you like, that may be the inspiration you need to try out new thing outside of books, too – to try living in a new city, to try shopping in a new store, to try listening to new genres of music, maybe even to try having another baby.

These are just a few of the benefits of trying out new genres of books. It can also make you smarter, open your mind up to the world, and even give you a new favourite genre. Try a new genre of books today.

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