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Will this be the carnival anthem for 2019?

BIG WINNER: Mr Killa has enjoyed success, especially his song’s Soca Monarch 2019 title in Trinidad

PICTURE IT: The Mr Killa carnival anthem contender Run With It comes on at around 6pm in the middle of Ladbroke Grove at this year’s Notting Hill Carnival. Do you want to be in the thick of it with your most prized possession?

The reason for this concern is simply because of the lyrics in the chorus: “Pick up something, anything... Run! Run with it!”

Run With It quickly became a viral hit song. I glimpsed it on my friend’s Facebook page – I remember seeing chairs and all sorts being used as props – but this was just the start of it, to be fair. It has de nitely got more adventurous and outrageous.

I left a comment stating that as he was a soundsystem man, was he not afraid that maybe a CD player, speaker box or anything else could go missing during the drunken rum-influenced moments someone may have whilst listening in a party when the rum is talking to them?

This is what the song is about, your relationship with rum. After weeks of trying, I finally cornered Mr Killa to tell me about his relationship with one of the Caribbean’s finest exports we all love – RUM.

As if he was whispering to me, he gave me the shocking news: “Really and truly, I don’t really drink too much, but at Grenada carnival, I had two shots of a very strong rum called Black Squat and between me and you, I played the wicked mas ever!”

I was dying with laughter! It does seem that maybe Killa is something of a lightweight, because the two shots of rum made him end up in the river whilst everyone was still playing Mas on the road!

“I said to myself, this ting called alcohol really speaks to you. So I want to build a song about what goes on in your head that no one else can hear,” he tells me. At least something positive came out of a shady situation.

The Stadic-produced Planet Jab riddim song had captivated rum-drinkers and teetotallers around the world within one week, with viral videos from Jamaica Japan, Russia, London, New York, all at the same time.

I was intrigued to know what was the craziest video he had seen. Without hesitation, the Grenadian soca boss spills the beans. “A policeman! And another one with a police in uniform picking up a girl and running with her,” he says.

This craze had even caught the attention of the authorities, who felt that they had to issue a warning during Trinidad’s Carnival season, citing that picking something up that you don’t own and running away with it is technically theft.

Killa understands their points and concerns, but is really grateful, as he thought that this helped it to become more infamous, as it is not every day that a police commissioner has to issue a warning about a song.

Leading into the kick-off of the carnival season for 2019, this song put him in to a very good position for one of the “big tunes”. Many of the commentators and fans of the music have spoken about the vast amount of good music around this year.

But undoubtedly, this song has its own space, and for that reason it ended up running away with the Soca Monarch 2019 title in Trinidad.

“This victory to me means everything in my career. It’s like a battery getting a full charge. It’s very overwhelming and humbling at the same time. Trinidad was supporting me as if I was born there. So for me, this is more than just winning a crown, because they took me as one of their own,” he says with a level of sincerity and humility that befits the man.

Mr Killa gave us his first big record in 2014 with Roly Poly and is no stranger to being in the spotlight. His energetic and flamboyant performances are one of the things I love most about him. I describe him as similar to a Michael Jackson or Beenie Man of soca.

“Soca music is about energy and vibes, This is not R’n’B or soul music, when you sing your song and stand up. You have to perform your songs.”

These songs seem to be spreading far and wide, even more now than before in recent years.

He explains: “I think there has been an evolution happening. There’s a lot of good music and good artists that haven’t got their recognition and attention, because a lot people think that soca music is just from T&T. But now the island music is being discovered.

“So I think now people have access to the monster music that these islands have to offer. Even for me as an artist, knowing that there is extra ears on the music, I put in extra effort. Even Trinidad now knowing that they are not alone in the music a has added more avour. More vibes and a varied approach.”

Mr Killa will be touching down in the UK for a series of shows during May with that flavour and vibes, so get ready to run – and leave your valuables at home...

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