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Will Prince Harry ever marry a black girl?

THE PRINCE AND THE BEAUTY QUEEN: Miss Bahamas, Anatasgia Pierre, met Prince Harry on his whistle-stop trip to the Island last year. She said 'The Palace Isn't Ready For A Black Princess'

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Prince Harry looks like a fun chap doesn’t he? He is always breaking those pesky social norms adhered to by other, more serious, royals. Would you ever see dear old Prince Charles in his birthday suit taking part in a naked game of pool or Wills entering rehab after drinking and smoking marijuana? No. And that’s because Harry likes to mix things up.

It is time for the ancient royal establishment to dust itself off and keep in step with its public. Think of the love we, as a nation, have for Kate Middleton, the people’s princess. Surely Palace PR can see the benefits of welcoming a woman of colour into the fold.

Think of the international headlines, a world advertisement for what a caring and inclusive nation we are; full of opportunities! Of course it would have to get Her Maj’s approval. She has really mellowed over the years hasn’t she? Rubbing elbows with those commoners Carole and Michael Middleton!

Yes it may seem, judging by Harry’s previous conquests, Chelsy Davy and Florence Brudenell-Bruce to name but a few, that Harry reserves his love for the statuesque, blond heiress types. However, we all saw those photos of Harry enjoying himself, maybe a little too much, dancing with black women on his visit to Jamaica or discussing world peace with Miss Bahamas.

So yes, not only do I believe that it is conceivable that Harry will marry a black girl but I shall also extend it to every other ethnicity under the sun. This is the 21st century after all and we all need to get a grip on reality, of course the British monarchy would accept it. Naturally, Harry is a well-travelled, modern young man and when that special lady, or even man, catches his eye, it won’t matter what ethnicity they are, as it shouldn’t matter for anyone else.



LET'S BE honest, Prince Harry will never marry a black girl or anyone for that matter who may be of ethnicity. I’m just a realist when I say that I know for a fact, that the British monarchy would not accept, welcome or embrace a black or Asian woman into their world. Could you really see a black princess ruling the country? We have only just accepted a US black president in 2012. As a society, I still think we have a long way to go.

You could question whether the Royal family are in fact prejudiced? But as someone from a mixed background I ask you…do I stand a chance in line for the throne as future Queen of England? The answer is no.

Let’s refer to the incidents of last year, when there was a huge palava and fuss made about Prince William marrying someone from an upper-middle class background. Commoner Kate ‘Middy’ was not of Royal blood, so could you only imagine the outcry if we brought race into the mix?

It would not only cause controversy amongst the ‘Royal camp’ and affect the natural order of things in terms of tradition. But could you not see how the British media would sensationalise this story and make the relationship into a ‘scandal’? By labelling the union with a ‘breaking news’ headline of “Prince Harry falls in love…. with a black girl!” And let’s not forget the international press coverage it would receive.

Yes Prince Harry may have broken a few rules in his time, but to have a bi-racial child in the Royal family, that would be a first. Could you imagine a ginger curled Afro baby? It would be like a resurrection of Scary Spice and Ginger Spice combined. Could we really visualise the Royals tucking into a plate of jollof rice or curry mutton at the Royal wedding reception? Or see Prince Charles grinding his hips to soca music and busting a few moves to the ‘Migrane Skank?’ I can’t see this happening, can you? I mean how many people of colour have been, or are actually married into the Royal family?.. Are there any? I doubt it.

It’s unfortunate but that’s how the cookie crumbles.

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